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新好利咖啡饼店 @ Taipa, Macau


I was brought to this place initially by another group of friends about 2 years back. I was on free and easy for the whole day before I flew back to SG, so I decided I need to get my 猪扒包(Pork Chop Buns) fix hence I hailed a cab, and headed down to the 手信街of Taipa Island.

The shop is really old and run down adjoining another shop to their right which leads to the kitchen there. Very small and crampy if you meet a large crowd that day. Weekdays are perfect and I chose to be there after 2pm.

the shop... don't ask me how to pronounce in Portuguese...
This is the inner part of the shop... there is another part with the main door.
Ice Yuen Yang (Ice Tea with Coffee)
Birds Nest Egg Tart
Seriously, nothing special... Dunno where's the birds nest also... haha
Piping hot pork chop bun... This is the part when newbies will ask,"How to eat?" Haha... I used to ask that... Just find a way to eat it lah, you'll know when you come to that situation.
Chicken chop noodles. The chicken is not bad... noodles a bit on the hard side.
Address to the place.

Rating: 4/5. Standard dropped a little… The pork chop has a very strong ‘old’ oil smell.

Taste: Was ok. Should have ordered the egg tart instead of the birds nest one.

Portion: Average.

Price: Came up about HKD$50+. Pretty affordable.

RTE: Maybe only… Will look for other places cos pork chop buns are everywhere in Macau!

Location: See last picture.


小肥羊 @ Shenzhen, China


This is one of the many chains of steamboat in China which is very popular but affordable at the same time. Tried it sometime late last year and it was really good. Didn’t snap pics of simple stuff like potatoes and radishes. Think you can figure it out. ;P Check it out.

Very nice ambience inside although the surrounding outside is an industrial area.
Thermo stove
Ordered clear broth but it will come with loads of condiments inside... the broth is excellent!
They are famous for their lamb...
And beef as well...
Di Wang Veg... very nice crisp and great for steamboats.
Other veg and fungus
Mongolian Pan Cakes
With mutton fillings
Lamb skewers... can skip... not very nice
Golden Big Biscuit... Looks plain but surprisingly very nice!
Bill.. About SGD$30+

Rating: 5/5. Service is not bad and food is good.

Taste: Really tasty!

Portion: Average.

Price: See last pic.

RTE: Most likely… when I have company. you can’t do streamboat alone! 🙂

Location: 福田区八卦一路工业区. Tell the cab driver Xiao Fei Yang, they will know what to look out for.