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4Fingers – Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore


This chain of restaurants needs no introduction… at least in Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. So why am I writing about them? Reason is, I wanna clear the air with some friends who told me that this is a Korean establishment… No, no, no… this is actually a wholly Singaporean owned concept, currently owned by Bento Holdings Pte Ltd. I believe this is prolly because their specialty is in Korean fried chicken wings, hence the assumption it’s from Korea? Beats me man, but I checked them out anyways with some friends.

So we went to this outlet in Changi Airport after a tiring event and even though at 9.30pm, there is a blardy queue! Pretty turn off cos in Singapore now, you have to queue for everything… yes, even toilet. Sad but true… we are a freakin’ small country with too many people… Soon enough we will be sleeping standing up! Anyways, see pics below as usual and comments. 😉

Queue beeper… waited for like 10-15mins. Not as long as I expected.
Mixed flavours… really dunno which is which… 18pcs combo using DBS card cost $19.95.
Seafood Combo $9.95. Quite good, juicier than the wings actually.
Kimchi Coleslaw $3.50 – This one’s pretty good.
Seaweed and Kimchi Fries – Part of the combo… both are like those shaker fries… seaweed was ok, kimchi one was tasteless.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: The sauces on the wings are pretty tasty but salty. Wings are crispy definitely but a little small and dry…. I felt they were a little over fried. But overall pretty ok.

Portion: Average.

Service: With a persistent long queue, only one person was taking orders at the counter… maybe shortage of staff.

Ambience: Like any other fast food restaurant.

Price: Total bill came up to $38.35 for 4 pax, including drinks and GST.

RTE: Maybe at the other 3 outlets to try their wings again and perhaps their drumsticks, which ran out when I visited.

Location: #B2-02 Changi Airport Terminal 3.

老天禄卤味 – Taipei, Taiwan


If you’re heading to Taipei, you need to try this. This is a traditional shop selling really awesome braised foodstuff since the 50s. To be honest, I didn’t know about this place and I believe not many tourists know as well. I happened to chance upon this place while in Ximending. I was wondering why so many people are in this shop all the time! So I decided to check it out…

Big bright signage you can’t miss
Always full of people
Look at all that wings and parts all well braised….
Mushroom Balls…. Very Q and tasty!
Duck gizzard…. Nice and soft…
Nicely braised without over cooking

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: The flavor soaks through the meats and foodstuff. They have many types from poultry to beanstuff. Their best sellers are duck tongue (which I passed) and duck wings. They carry pineapple tarts and crispy pork in their shop too. The sun cake is nice too! They even have pre-packs for souvenirs!

Portion: N.A.

Price: Cheap I must say. For example, chicken wing is only TWD$20 (S$0.80) and duck wings are TWD$27 (S$1.08).

RTE: Yeah!!! I didn’t have stomach space left to try all their stuff!!!

Location: One and only stall in Ximending. 台北市武昌街二段55号. Opening hours: 0930-2200hrs. Check their online store at www.lautianlu.com.tw.




If you’re at Mega Mall @ Mid Valley Malaysia, you may have a lot of choices for food. So I decided to give this Madam Kwan’s a try and I was in for some surprise… Click to enlarge pics.

The restaurant is just outside Jusco on level 2 in the centre of the mall... if I can remember clearly...Service Counter
Pretty good Penang Char Kway Teow
Super Famous Nasi Lemak - From the left is sambal ikan bilis, cucumber, curry chicken, hard boil egg, and fish floss. I would prefer the ikan bilis to be the crispy ones with peanuts, sambal chilli on the side, sunny side up to replace the hard boil egg. But this is Malaysian style lah, but everything is very tasty.
Looks at the rice... grain by grain... very fragrant of coconut milk.
Achar by the side... not too bad but the ones at Punggol Nasi Lemak (Upp Serangoon) is a lot better.
chunky curry chicken... 2 pieces of super thick gravy curry chicken thigh meat. very nice.
Juicy Chicken Wings! Very nice and juicy when you bite into this mid section.

Rating: 4.5/5. Service not too good. Quite a shame cos they have many branches in KL and food is pretty good.

Taste: Very good. High class Malaysian local cuisine lah… But it’s good.

Portion: Average. Extra rice will cost you… forgot to take a look at the price.

Price: Total abo0ut RM$40+ for 2.

RTE: For the Nasi Lemak and I wanna try the other Nasi dunno whathat uses 3 different kinds of rice.

Location: Mega Mall @ Mid Valley centre wing