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Attended the first day of Wine Fiesta 2016 today held at Clifford Square and this year’s theme “Rising Roots” focuses on eco-conscious wine makers producing wines naturally. The event also features more than 70 winemakers worldwide with more than 350 wine labels.

I was also invited for the special wine pairing segment featuring 4 labels from the exhibitors and awesome bites from Chef Dave of Burnt Ends. 

First up was the Scallop and Zest pairing with CRFT Gruner Veltliner Longview Vineyard 2015. The scallops were definitely a great way to start the pairing being tangy and savoury at the same time. The white brought out the lovely flavours on it’s own, a fruity explosion.
Kingfish and Miso in a sort of like taco wrap, definitely blew me off. The fish was so well done and so flavourful, I wished I had another serving of it! Paired with the Rose 2016 from BK Wines, gave a sweet note to wrap up the wrap-full of goodness.
Jamaican Chicken next and it was SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! Love this chicken totally with a lovely lime tangy finish. Wine’s from Lucy M Noire de Florette 2016. A little more character which is prolly why paired with such a heavy flavoured dish.
Burnt Onion and Bresaola Tart next and the tart was bursting with onion fragrance and flavours! The wine on the other hand from brought out the onion flavours so much more! Very yummy combo! Love how they name the wine for this one. Ochota Barrels Texture like the Sun 2016. However I reckon the Bresaola should be eaten first so as not to be overwhelmed by strong onion flavours. 😁

I would to thank The Straits Wine Company for their invite, totally enjoyed myself!

Event Dates: 21-23 Oct 2016

Venue: Clifford Square (Beside One Fullerton and Fullerton Bay Hotel)

Dress Code: Come in really thin and cooling clothes. Trust me I was swimming in my own sweat!

Parking: One Fullerton. Beware it’s $1.07 every 10mins. My parking came up to $22+!!

Time: 12-10pm

Ticketing: http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/winefiesta1016?cid=winefiesta1016

Or any Straits Wine Company branches



Haha how can I miss that out right? Food leh! Haha! Other than foods by Burnt Ends which I’ve featured in my previous blog entry, here are some of the feature foods from some of the awesome local restaurants that is at Wine Fiesta 2016! Go check them out!

Beef Mamasan Curry ($15) from Tamarind Hill. Love the flavours of the curry with so much going on and I tasted some tamarind juices, palm sugar, cinnamon and maybe lemongrass. Yummy with the brown rice. Would love the beef a little more tender though, brisket style. That would be even more lovelier!
Tempura Slipper Lobster with Smoked Miso dip ($12) from Cheek by Jowl is really good! The tempura alone is already tasty, with the miso dip, yums!
Iberico Pork Jowl ($15) from Morsels, resting on a bed of glutinous rice cooked with fermented mushrooms, dressed with shaved cured egg yolk and some spring onion kosho on the side. From the description you already know how much efforts were put into developing this dish. Fermented mushrooms with the rice is definitely a stunner for me. The pork jowl, oh my tian, was so well grilled, flavours and juices locked in between the grilled sides, it’s just tantalising every bite! My only complain is the piece of pork is too small, NOT ENOUGH!!! 😆😆😆
Even the pork jowl was shy when I strip it apart. Yums!
Hay & Cherrywood Smoked Locally Farmed Pulled Duck Burger topped with Foie Gras Espuma ($14) from Tin Hill Social Kitchen & Bar. Very interesting using espuma as dressing instead of the usual sauces. You guys should try it! Sweet potato fries are awesome!
Salted Egg Crab Popiah ($12) from Good Chance Popiah. Running since 1977 and already into their 4th generation, definitely something Singaporeans can be proud of. Every ingredient is hand cut to ensure the quality of taste and even the crab meat was hand pulled. A great combo with the salted egg yolk sauce and definitely a great dish to pair with your wines. Ah Boy recommends highly Ministry of Clouds’s ones haha
When Ah Boy meets Ah Roy 😁😁😁

Dates: 21-23 Oct 2016

Venue: Clifford Square

Time: 12pm to 10pm

Dress Code: As cooling as possible!

Parking: Damn ex at One Fullerton. $1.07 per 10mins!!! Uber there! 😉

Ticketing: http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/winefiesta1016?cid=winefiesta1016

Or any Straits Wine Company branches