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Arteastiq @ Level 4 Mandarin Gallery


I was invited recently via Kozine to check out this place called Arteastiq… It is pronouced as Art- Tea- Stiq as in Artistic but with the Tea as the main focus. Reason is, this little haven in the middle of Orchard Road serves unique tea flavours as well as alcoholic ones! It’s totally new to my Editor and me so we were pretty curious about the tasting session.

The little cafe is located on level 4 of Mandarin Gallery, just in front of the escalator. It’s within an exquisite furniture store, MARXX, which not many of us can afford… Sobs… But for those who wants to live differently, this is the place to go. They do interior designing as well. I was so enthralled by the furnitures and accessories that I forgot why I was there for… haha… check out the layout of the store below:

Signage and promotion... which I'll tell you about it later. ;P
The entrance is straight ahead... check out the accessories...
Mirror on the left
Then to the right, you see a full island kitchen which I long desire... sigh...
Bird cages... No these are not for sale... Or are they?
Shot from where I sit... a few more random shots coming up... just love the 'santuary' feel
Greenery on my right
Greenery on my left
and Takashimaya is errr... on top?
While we wait patiently for the guys to prepare our tasting subjects... hehe
First up... Lychee Tea! This was served cold... Nice lychee taste and not too sweet... - S$11.00
Pear Tea - Light pear fragrance and not so sweet also. They will provide a shot glass of sugar solution but there is rose fragrance in it, might change the taste of the pear tea. - S$11.00
Eh... what's this?
French Kiss! It actually Chicken Consommé! Yes they have light snacks served here as well. This broth takes 3 days to make and you can really taste the essence of the chicken inside! Very very yummy! - S$5.90
French Rose Tea - For the flower tea lovers... Love the fragrance, goes very well with the syrup. - S$11.00
Hot Naked Tops - Topshell with chilled mango achar... Like the Thai Somtam. Very nice but a little spicy. - S$7.90
Whiskey Chocolate! S$14.00
This is how we do it... hehe... light up the sugar cube which was coated by whiskey!
Then let it melt for a while before pouring in the heated whiskey and melted dark chocolate below... then you stir it well and then let the taste explode in your mouth! Very nice blend of whisky and dark chocolate... very good mix! Yums!
This biscuit is very brittle... some like it dipped in the whiskey chocolate drink!
Choya Sour Plum Tea - Ladies favourite! Very light alcohol tea which a nice sour plum taste. Served cold - S$14.00
Cointreau Menta Lemongrass Tea - Light alcohol with a tinge of lemongrass flavour inside. Very refreshing! - S$14.00
Trinity - 3 choices of samplers. Seen here are Upstream, Knight Without Armour and Lust/Caution. See menu for description. 🙂 - S$8.90
Crispy wraps with Smoked Turkey Ham - It's actually prata with the fillings. Quite good. - S$5.90
Crispy Wraps With Homely Curry Chicken. This one is nice! - S$5.90
Crispy Wraps With Chicken Floss - Ok only. Like our bread wrap with floss lor. Maybe the one with Wagyu beef slices will be a lot nicer but didn't get to try. - S$5.90
Eve (10-11cm diameter) - Orange cake which was delivered personally by the boss the following day because it was out of stock. Cake textured is nice and firm. I imagine going well with teas. But the orange slices on top made the top part of the cake a little soggy. Maybe when eaten at the cafe will be better? - S$8.00
Adam (same size as Eve) - Apple slices filled the top of the cake. A lot nicer than Eve and not soggy. 🙂 - S$8.00
After Dark Promotion for weekdays - Mandarin Gallery can get quite quiet during weekdays hence this will spruce up the crowd at the cafe!
Afternoon Tea Treats! This is a great deal actually. Go try it and you will love it.

Rating: 5/5. Ambience, food, drinks are all nice. Great place for catching up with friends or shopaholics to relax those feet!

Taste: Very nice and refreshing.

Portion: Average. The teas have bigger servings than the snacks though.

Price: Quite good pricing. Below hotel prices and around regular cafe prices for such a location and ambience.

RTE: Yeah definitely. Nice place to catch up with friends or have my afternoon meetings. But the car park at Mandarin Hotel is a killer… Had to pay $16.00 for like 2 hours +?!??!! So maybe have to find other alternatives for parking.

Location: 333A Orchard Road #04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897. For reservations, please call 6235 8370. You can also join their fan page at http://www.facebook.com/ArteastiqSingapore