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Product Review – Nissin Kyushu Black Japanese Ramen


Maybe because I just got back from overseas, but to me this is a new product. Spotted this at the supermarket just yesterday and they have 2 flavours; Kyushu Black and Tokyo Shoyu. Base on what I saw on the shelves, seems like Kyushu Black is the better tasting one ‘cos it was the last bundle of 5 packs. Kyushu Black also appeals more to me reason because of the broth. I love creamy broths in my ramen! Anyways, my reviews below:

Love the packaging educating the consumers of the product, which is uncommon in most instant noodle packaging.
There’s even cooking directions and garnishing suggestions!
Seasoning powder and the garlic black sesame oil.
The dry ramen which is the lighter coloured version of our Yee Mee. But they are the same in terms of wheat noodles.
After cooking, you can see the rich creamy broth and the ramen taking shape.
Looks like real fresh ramen.

Overall Rating: 5/5. Ramen texture is really springy and texture is pretty close to the real fresh ramen. Cook for about 4 and a half mins will be better so that it’ll be softer. Broth taste like those of Tonkotsu (Pork Bone), rich and creamy and together with the garlic and black sesame oil, you’ll have a wonderful bowl of aromatic home-cooked ramen! Selling for S$3.50 per bundle pack of 5 small packets of 126gsm, each packet has a pretty sufficient serving size for one pax. Best of all, it’s halal certified so that our Muslim friends can savour what they originally can’t taste (‘cos pork bone broth) and it is also a product of Singapore! So proud of it! Well done guys, awesome product!