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Funny I’ve never written about the food in Genting Highlands… I visit this gambling paradise annually with my mom (sounds like a jackpot pilgrimage!) for years! And not surprisingly, we went again during December when I was back in Singapore. This time we stayed at the First World Hotel where it was convenient for my mom to walk from the bus terminal to the hotel. Will update the hotel stay experience in sleepwithroy.wordpress.com sometime this week.

If you’re staying at the First World Hotel, it is connected to the Indoor Theme Park where there is a food court. We’ve been eating there for years and of course the prices have escalated, so did the rest of the eateries/cafes/restaurants in comparison. Nevertheless, the food here is still good and one of the more affordable places to have your meals while you’re at this monopolized entertainment village.

The Thai and Chinese stalls are under the same management. You can just order from any of the staff walking around in red caps.
Steam Red Snapper RM$45 (S$18) – Love this fish! Fresh and good!
Stir Fried Kai Lan RM$14.90 (S$6) – Nice and crunchy
Claypot Tofu RM$17.90 (S$7.20) – Taste so so, a little too much gravy.
Fried Rice Vermicelli RM$10.90 ($4.40) – Pretty good, love the wok hei and taste. But the portion is really little.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Overall is good. Remember to tell them not to put too much oil and MSG.

Portion: Below average.

Service: Below average. They can be very busy.

Ambience: Food court is crowded most of the time.

Price: See pic.

RTE: Yes, as always!

Contacts and address: First World Hotel Food Court Level 2.

My Encounter With Durians In Shenzhen


Ok think most of my friends know that I love durians. So I was walking by the fruits stall the other day just below my apartment, I saw durians!!! So I bought one since I was craving for it and it costed me almost S$10 for one!

Check out the durian... looks good right? Looks like those bitter sweet durians we find in Singapore right?
It was good until I opened up the durian... see the colour... boring one half... Took a bite, boring one whole... No taste, no smell, not sweet, it's like eating raw tapioca!!! Wah lau eh!!! Pui!
Dunno why I did this... thought the other parts of the durian might taste better... but to my dismay... it sucks totally... This whole lot, down the rubbish bin...

So I wasted $10 on the lousy Thai durian… In Geylang buy the $1 ones I believe still a lot better than this… Now I really miss the durians back home…

Really pui chao nua… no more Thai durians for me unless I can taste it first! Pui!


Koon Kee Restaurant (Sirat Rd/Yio Chu Kang Road)


This is a restaurant which is run by my friend’s brother but I doubt he knows me. So I was there with another friend, and after we sat down, my friend’s dad appeared from the kitchen. I doubt he recognised me as well because he only met me once when I was much slimmer… haha… The whole restaurant is set in a very garage retro setting which is great for bringing your parents and kids as they are both nostalgic and educational. Check out the ambience.

So I asked uncle what he recommends for 2 people… So these are what we ordered.

Mee Goreng! This mee goreng's taste reminds of the taste of the original mee goreng of Punggol Choon Seng Seafood. Very nostalgic and nice!
Pork Rib King... Super tender and yummy!
Thai Fish Cake & Ngoh Hiang Combination. Both home made and filled with loads of fillings. Super nice!
Check out the thai fish cake... love the irregular shape... 🙂
Check out the ngoh hiang... the taste is almost like my teochew grandma's!!!
Vegetarian Kak Nah. Simple, garlic, full of taste.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: All the dishes we ordered are damn good… the secret is, uncle know how to control the wok fire (火候) very well… that’s why it adds to the taste. If there are more people, a must try is the cold dish platter. Try the crab meat omelette inside… and tell me what you think of it… the last time I tried it with my family, I tell you, we wallop everything in seconds. If you’re alone, try the hor fun… any form. The normal Tse Char type, beef hor fun or even the dried ones… you’ll love it!

Portion: Adequately good!

Price: $40+ (Think uncle gave us discount cos we were the last customers… )

Location: At the turning of Sirat Road along Yio Chu Kang Road. Just beside SPC petrol station (Opp Serangoon stadium’s carpark)

Facade of the restaurant
SPC pertrol station is before the turning into Sirat Rd. Parking is good opposite at the stadium there. This side is really bad.

Northern Thai Food


Was in training today at Foo Chow Building and finished around lunch time. So I decided to pack my lunch back to office as I needed to work on my emails.

Saw Anne packing her lunch as well at this Northern Thai stall located at the coffeeshop round the bend of Kitchener Road and Tyrwitt Road. Basically, the whole coffee shop patrons are eating their food. So I reckon they should be good.

Looking at the menu on the wall, the prices are really cheap. Egg omelette $3.00, Pineapple Rice per bowl $1.50, Stewed Pork Leg $3.00, etc… in essence, everything is cheap and portioning is meant for personal consumption.

So I ordered Tom Yum Soup with fried fish slices and a portion of white rice and pineapple rice. Here are the pics:

The soup is a little milky and separated from the fish so that the fish will not get too soggy
check out the amount of fish
close up
Rice is packed in burger boxes so that it's easier to eat
Pineapple Fried Rice - $1.50 per bowl
Close up on Pineapple Rice

Rating: 5/5

Taste: The Tom Yum Soup is extremely good. Probably the best I had so far in Singapore. Very nice and thick soup and you can feel a lot of spices were used to make it so good. The fish slices are all well seasoned before deep frying, hence no smell. Pineapple rice is lovely.

Portion: A lot of fish in the soup and the rice portioning are ok for the price.

Price: $4.00 for Tom Yum Soup (From $3-$5) and $1.50 for Pineapple Rice.

RTE: Definitely… Will try the dishes the next time!

Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=foo+chow+building+singapore&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=29.219963,56.162109&ie=UTF8&ll=1.308665,103.859028&spn=0.004494,0.006856&z=17

Thai Food Restaurant (301 Ubi Ave 1 #01-273) (Moved – See new address)


Ok this is not my first time eating here. Many times already. Reason is that it’s really good and affordable. So I’ve arranged to meet up with 2 girl-friends to introduce how good the food is.

The shop owners are an old couple who hired a Thai cook from Bangkok (His name is Ah Thep or Ah Boy). Very nice and friendly people and somehow they are very contented with their lives until I decided to feature their food. I hope they have better business as they are really old already.

Small shop with old uncle sitting there.
Just opposite the Ubi Automobile Mart Only
Paad Thai! The girls were crazy over this!
Tom Yum Soup
Olive Fried Rice – Real preserved olives are minced and fried together.
BBQ Squid. All time favourite. A must try! Cooked perfectly till tender and tasty. Must eat with chilli.
Deep Fried Seabass with Green Mango Salad (Som Tam) topping
Thai Fishcake. Very nice texture. Special sauce made by the cook.
All these food goes best with Singha Beer!

Rating: 4.5/5 (No aircon and got funny smell coming from the Thai provision shop next door.)

Taste: Very nice like I said. A change from the expensive Thai restaurants we use to know. Other must tries are Pandan Chicken, Fried Chicken Wings, Tanghoon Salad, Pineapple Rice, etc. Oh for the Thais, you might like to know they have glutinous rice (Khao Niao) as well to go with your dishes instead of white rice.

Portion: Very good.

Price: All the above for only $57.00. (Did not show us consuming 4 can drinks and 1 hot tea)

RTE: Always! My mum just love eating here!

Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm

Location: 301 Ubi Avenue 1 (see comments for new address)