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Half a stall for cheaper rent
Dominic the boss
Nicely coated with egg fried carrot cake
Check out the Hae Bi Hiam
I can still taste the wok hei lingering in my mouth and memory

Have always wanted to visit Liang Ji but never had the chance. Heard so much about the owner Dominic and his past and blah blah blah which I don’t really care cos that’s the past. What matters most is that his food is good and like any other hawkers and F&B owners out there, we are all fighting hard to survive. Those not in F&B will never understand… Especially those so called foodies who will not hold back in destroying a F&B outlet.

One thing I applaud Dominic is his willingness to try new things, fighting spirit and be creative in his offerings even though hawker food is quite hard to divert from the original way of taste and cooking. He beats many others who would only blame the government for not providing when they cannot excel in what they are suppose to do best. I do not know him well but I know he has a lot of ‘brothers’ supporting him which to me, money can’t buy one.

What I like about Liang Ji’s Fried Kway Teow is that every plate is fried individually (that’s what I saw lah) and with a lot of his legendary wok hei! And the carrot cake was so artistically fried, making sure every bit of carrot cake is coated with egg… Yummy!

Check out my reviews in the video and below:

Taste: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Portion: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Service: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳
Price: $4 for original fried kway teow, $5 for the Mala one and $8 for the Hae Bi Hiam Fried Carrot Cake.
Ambience: Coffeeshop
RTE: Yes! Wanna try the fried rice and fried oyster next!

YouTube – https://youtu.be/k144uJXGHSs

Go check it out and let me know if you like this stall too by commenting below! Please remember to subscribe and like my YouTube channel, IG and FB (@eatwithroy) pages too so that I can reach out more to help the hawkers and small business community! Stay tuned for my next yummy video!

Add: 119 Aljunied Ave 2, #01-06, Singapore 380119
Tel: 82265585
Hours: Refer to maps link below 👇
Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/XYpcvgHqRqmZsMjCA

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Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee (1988) 潮州酒楼發記 – Amoy Street, Singapore


This restaurant is definitely out of my usual posts for good and affordable food in Singapore. But when you meet up with friends occasionally you get to eat slightly costlier food and when I write on them, means they are pretty impressive! I haven’t been to these parts of town for the longest time mainly because I don’t work in town. This place is definitely a lot more crowded on weekdays but on a Sunday, you can literally walk in the middle of Amoy Street… for 10 seconds without a car honking at you and people calling you seow (mad) at least… ;P

First time to this place, never knew this place to be honest, highly recommended by a friend. See the pics below and comments:

Nestled along the heritage rows of traditional shop houses

Restaurant front

Wine rack spotted… Not typical for a traditional restaurant but I believe most are evolving.

Braised Goose ($24) – A typical Chaosan dish and quite rare in Singapore actually. Goose meat is generally rare but abundant in China. This plate of yummy braise meats and eggs is really nice.

Prawn Roll ($18) – Another awesome traditional dish. I remember my grandma and aunty would make this for Chinese New Year. It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted so authentic ones.

Steam Pomfret ($65) – This is very expensive given the simple ingredients used but the good thing is, the fish is fresh and tender, and quite a big fish. Eating fish out of your home is never cheap in Singapore anyways.

Fried Oyster Omelette ($18) – This is probably one of the few places that gives me the good old taste from my childhood days… Very well done and really authentic in taste!

Stir Fried Nai Bai Veg ($18) – Simple and nice.

Yam Paste ($24) is really damn good and not so sweet. The pumpkin inside makes it very teochew and they are so generous with the ginko nuts! Yummy must order!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Very authentic. Love it.

Portion: Average.

Service: Very good and attentive. Maybe Sunday lesser people they can focus more on you… ;P

Ambience: Nice spacious place, air conditioned of course. Best of all you don’t smell like the restaurant after you step out.

Price: Total with drinks, rice, service charge, GST, side dishes, around S$210 for 7 pax.

RTE: Yeah I would wanna to bring mummy here! She’ll love it.

Location: 74 Amoy Street, Singapore 069893. Tel: 6423 4747 (Reservations recommended.)

康家龙头海蛎煎(龙头路一店) – Gulangyu, Xiamen, China


After the wonderful experience at the coffee place of 褚家园咖啡馆, I walked through the back alleys to discover many nice B&Bs and more street food. But I was pretty locked in to try one of the famous oyster omelette in Xiamen, hence skipped the rest. Oyster Omelette is pretty well known in Guangdong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. It’s a lovely fried plate of sweet potato flour with eggs and of course, oysters. The locals in Xiamen call these oyster omelettes 海蛎煎(Hai Li), while in Taiwan it’s known as 蚝仔煎 (Orh Ah Jian), in Thailand it is known as Hoy Tod (But with seafood) and back home in Singapore (also Malaysia), we call it 蚝煎 (Orh Jian) for the Hokkiens and Orh Luak for the Teochews. Whichever way it is, I still enjoy oyster omelette and I miss it sometimes as I’m base in Shenzhen now.

When arrived at the little hole in the wall shop, there was already a long queue… so no choice, have to join the queue and check out what the fuss is about. Check out the pics below:

Back alleys along the way… much to be discovered!

Old buildings and lovely skies

Some nice lodging places but right in front of the rubbish collection center

another nice lodging

Another one

Back on Long Tou Road, towards the end

The Oyster Omelette hole in the wall shop

Super long queue…


They have customed holes to fry the omelettes…

Eggs like free… Love it!

Awesome dish!

Yummy juicy plump oysters!

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Pretty good. Flour is the soft type, which is more traditional actually. A lot of juicy plump oysters, and coated with a serious layer of egg! Great snack! Must try!

Portion: Average.

Price: RMB$10 only!

Service: The aunty taking orders is nice and friendly. The guy frying the omelettes not so friendly but after chatting with him, he started smiling. Overall nothing unpleasant.

Ambience: N.A.


Location: 鼓浪屿思明区龙头路189号。

Street Food @ Petchburi Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand


Well I know there are a lot of street food in Bangkok but since I was staying near this street, I might as well write about the good and cheap food I had for the past few days I was there. I heard this street can be quite happening for good supper during the weekends. But I must warn my readers that I have a seasoned stomach train in Thailand and China, so when buying street food, please observe how they cook their food and check if the food itself is fresh, especially seafood. My comments for the food are in the pics.

Petchburi Soi 10

There’s a wet market here as well selling lots of local fruits!

This Thai-Chinese shop selling loads of local snacks and side dishes. See next photo.

From the Thai-Chinese snack stall – Rice dumpling, Thai fish cake, and fried chicken. The chicken would be nice if hot from the wok. Rice dumpling and fish cake were really good. Forgot how much but damn cheap.

Thai Fish Cakes. Lovely side dish to go with your rice.

The rice dumpling was full of ingredients and really nice.


BBQ Chicken – I’ve always wanted to try this. They pasted ‘CP Chicken’ sticker on the stall hence I reckon it’s safe to eat.

Choose your chicken carefully cos some sticks have chicken neck or boney parts. But the taste is really good.

Taste awesome but cannot eat too often cos BBQ stuff.

Thai Sausage – What is street food without thai sausage! This stall looks pretty good so I decided to try it.

Looks really good right? I was told that this sausage was originated from Laos. Hence it prolly came through the North Eastern part of Thailand, Udon Thani. Taste is fragrant and savoury. But it comes with a little sour taste. Try it, it’s really not bad!

I was wondering what this stall was until I came close and realized it’s a drink stall. This is where you can get your Thai milk teas or very good ice coffees. But what is that big pot of white stuff?

Found out this big pot of white stuff is actually hot fresh milk! Thais love to drink this with sugar. I tried, very nice and milky. You can choose to have it iced as well.

Ice Coffee made to perfection with less sugar.


Noodles! – Another stall must try is this stall that sells won ton noodles. Handed down by the lady’s mother and has been there for decades. I was told that they operate 24hrs. When this shop is close for the night, her sister will be selling by the side from 10pm till the next morning. And she speaks Teochew!

I asked for a big packet of noodles with double portion of noodles and extra ingredients. Really nice for just 60 bahts.

Rating: 4.5/5

Portion: Average

Taste: See pics.

Price: Cheap!

RTE: Yeah if I can!

Location: Petchburi Soi 10, Bangkok.


友记传统小吃 @ 327 Hougang Avenue 5


I reckon it’s about time to write about good food stalls around where I live. Hougang despite the aging estate, has newly renovated coffeeshops to cater to the ever changing demanding taste buds of Singaporeans. This coffeeshop at block 327 was renovated 2 years back and have been doing very well since cos of the introduction of many new stalls while retaining the old ones. I was there one of the nights with my friends for dinner and knowing how much I miss Fried Oyster, I ordered from this stall which was not there before the renovation.

The Stall

The cooking took sometime because they really took the time to fry it. And because they took the time to fry it, the flour part is super crispy and the flavour was immense.

My dinner of Braised Duck Rice With Egg. Only $3! Where on earth can you still get $3 for duck rice with egg???

Rating: 4/5. Oyster too little… counted like only 4pcs.

Taste: Fried Oyster taste really good even though the oysters were miserably little. A good Fried Oyster is actually not in the oyster but in the flour and egg combination together with fish sauce. Duck rice is also cheap and nice. Must try!

Portion: Slightly above average.

Price: $3 for duck rice and $4 for fried oyster!

RTE: Hell yeah!

Location: Block 327 Hougang avenue 5.




Told myself I need to feature this place after my last trip to Bangkok in Jan. (Yes I’ve got loads of backlogs… sigh) I’ve been patronising this shop since the year 2000, from the time I was savaging sharks fin soup then to the current fish maw soup. It serves very very authentic Chinese Thai seafood cuisine and the fire control is so good, it makes the dishes taste like they have been glazed over the fire before they are being served.

It is started by the old aunty who sits behind the cashier counter and now her family is helping in the whole restaurant. She is also a Teochew and when you step into this restaurant, you can speak almost anything with them from English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Burmese, Teochew and Thai of course. Check out the pics below:

Signboard in Thai...

Many HK magazine reviews... that explains why so many HKgers frequent this place when in Bangkok.

The Chrysenthemum drink is very nice and free flow... love it...

My favourite Fish Maw Soup... Thick and tasty!

Oyster Omelette

Awesome Claypot Vermicelli with River Prawns

Fried Kang Kong... They call this Morning Glory... but quite nice although not sambal.

This is a must try... Salted fish fried rice... after trying this, you will not eat SG ones anymore...

Love this chilli dip sauce... great with the vermicelli and whatever...

Old Aunty and me... She recognises me all the time since my 2nd visit... Feel the warmth when I chat with her...

Stairs to 2nd floor if ground floor is filled.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: I can’t describe anymore. Just go try it when in Bangkok. Try the steam cod fish also, very nice and fresh. You can wash it down with cold bird’s nest also. 🙂

Portion: Average.

Price: The whole meal came up to about slightly less than Baht$1000 which was about SGD$44 for 2-3 pax. Very affordable good food.

RTE: Everytime in Bangkok!

Location: At the beginning of Chinatown on the right side. Yellow signboard on the outside. 457-461 Yaowaraj Road. Tel 02223-0325  02223-7341


美膳坊海鲜火锅饭店 @ Taipa, Macau


My friends brought me to this place which is located in the middle of the 手信街 of Taipa Island. From the outside, it looks like just an another seafood restaurant. But this restaurant has dishes which are really tasty and good!

Located along this 'Souvenir Street' of Taipa Island... Not Macau City's Souvenir Street.


Fresh steam prawns... Lovely sweet taste

Fwah! Never tried this before... This fish is not available in SG... In China it's known as the Tofu fish... very very soft and you can actually eat the bones too... The way they have done it here is really nice and tasty.

Fried Prawn Omelette

I was surprise they have this soup here. Pig's Stomach Soup with Salted Vegetables. Very teochew and it's peppery. Really missed this!

Roasted Pigeons. Very nice and juicy. 😉

Stir Fried Assorted Mushrooms... This is an excellent dish for mushroom lovers like me!

The last time I ate this dish was when my Cantonese grandma was still around. Very typical cantonese dish of steam chicken with ginger, chinese mushroom and spring onion. What's lacking are slices of dried red dates which will make the dish more authentic! But I'm happy anyways!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love the way they cook here. No wonder it’s a regualr place for my friends.

Portion: Slightly above average.

Price: Didn’t pay for it but affordable when you have more people eating together.

RTE: Definitely!

Location: Just tell the cab drivers 手信街 of Taipa Island. It’s a short street, just stop at the middle. 🙂