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He Xi Vegetarian Restaurant @ Blk 4 Upp Aljunied Lane


This is my first vegetarian stall review. Not exactly a restaurant but more of a coffeeshop. Came across this place while looking for breakfast one of the mornings when I was back in Singapore recently. Quietly tucked in between very old HDB blocks of Upper Aljunied Road, I don’t think anyone would have spotted this place if they don’t live or work around there. So I parked my car in front of the place and checked out the place with my mummy.

The Restaurant

Vegetarian Yong Tau Foo, anyone?
Daily Specials - Vegetarian Duck Noodles. Taste of the braised sauce is very nicely done. $3.00 only.
Yang Chow Fried Bee Hoon - $3.00. Loads of veg inside and got the burnt wok taste. 🙂
Yam Cake @ $1 a piece. Not very nice maybe because the lack of dried shrimps.

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Quite good considering the fact that it’s non meat. Don’t order the coffee though… quite bad.

Portion: Average

Price: As stated.

RTE: Maybe.

Location: Blk 4 Upper Aljunied Lane #01-22, Singapore 360004. Opens from Mon-Sat 7.30am to 8.30pm. Close on Sundays, except 1st & 15th day of the Lunar Month.


Soya Bean Curd (Tau Hway) @ 105 Hougang Avenue 1


I was having my lunch with mummy 2 days ago and realised that I have not featured this stall yet for its damn good tau hway… trust me, it’s damn good and cheap!

The Stall
Big bowl like this cost only 90 cents... add almond syrup, $1.00. Add Ginko Nuts with Almond Syrup, $1.40. Still cheaper than the branded tau hway stalls.
Silky smooth and melts in your mouth!!!
See how big the bowl is...

Rating: 5/5. I always respect hawkers who respect their own food by making it delicious and tasty for their customers. This is one of them.

Taste: Silky, smooth and nice.

Portion: Above average

Price: Choice of 70 cents or 90 cents

RTE: Many times already. 🙂

Location: Park at the multi-storey carpark, come down to level 2, turn left. The nasi lemak stall is also good on the left. Famous lor mee on the right back row.





Ha! My first Malaysian food blog! And I have to dedicate this to the legendary yong tau foo place at Restoran Foong Foong located at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Reason is, I had this 10 years ago… and I had it recently. It’s still so good… price has changed of course but it’s still very very very tasty…

Took a cab there from the hotel and am so glad for the new highway which heads directly to Ampang. There are like 3-4 restaurants there claiming to be the original yong tau foo… but I remember this one very well and also, the crowd alone shows! 😛

The highway to heavenly food...
There it is! Look at the crowd!
the ever busy kitchen
The ordering counter... which was new to me... haha... so before you reach there, ask around how many pieces you guys can eat first for the assorted yong tau foo, fried dumplings and soup dumplings! Saves time and you get to eat faster!
Price list... RM$0.80 per piece... about S$0.35 per piece. Not at all cheap actually but wit till you see how big a piece is below...
Putting this pic now makes me crave for this... why am I doing this to myself?!?!!
Look at the size and the amount of fish in it
Huge piece of tau foo... you can taste the soy bean fragrance with every bite! Whhyyyyyy am I doing this to myself!!!!
Fish ball in an egg shape. Cantonese call this 'Yu Dan' which means Fish Egg. So this is truly Fish Egg!!!
check out the cross section of the fish balls... or eggs... I can still remember the taste... very nice and soft with very fresh fish taste... Omg... whhhyyyyy....
Fried dumplings - Crispy and tasty...
Dumpling Soup - Nice broth!

Rating: 5/5. If I can give a 6, I would!

Taste: I can’t explain this heavenly taste… you have to go there and try it yourself! Singapore’s ‘ampang’ yong tau foo stalls all have to stand aside!

Portion: Above average! Very big pieces!

Price: 50pcs without rice with drinks about RM$44. Good for 2-3 people. Less than SGD$20. I suspect if I go with any buddy of mine, we might conquer 100pcs. (S$1 = RM$2.3)

RTE: Whenever I’m in KL I definitely would!

Location: Just tell the cab driver Ampang Yong Tau Foo Restoran Foong Foong. All cab drivers know it. Becareful some might take you for a ride to increase the fares. Should be about RM$20-$25 to reach there from town.