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Taiwan Here We Come!


eatwithroy will be heading to Taipei in Taiwan soon for the first time and will be featuring as many street food as possible while being there for a week. We’ve heard about it, we’ve read about it, we’ve seen them on tv, but how good they are, we’ll have to try these stalls out ourselves right?

So if you know any street or small stalls (no big restaurants or big famous chains) that you reckon is very good and should be brought to the limelight, please email us at eatwithroy@gmail.com or share it here with the other friends of eatwithroy.com! The best and first recommended entry that is so awesome that Big Roy will float after trying it, will get a nice souvenir from Taiwan, specially chosen by Big Roy himself.

We will be putting up in Ximending, will be heading to Shilin Night Market and will probably sneak a day to Hualien. So please send in your recommendations now as we have only one week left to our flight! 🙂





A girl-friend told me about this place and so arranged to meet her at Bukit Timah Plaza… which I’ve never been to in my life! Quite a small mall located just opposite Ngee Ann Poly. I had to drive in circles in order to find the silly entrance to the carpark… I must say, even the carpark system is quite frustrating…

Found the little eatery at level 1 and the seats are along the corridor of the walkway for the shops. So I took pics from where I was seat, which was right in front of the shop.

Yeah that's the boss on the left... just that he has really long hair now... Real Taiwanese who came here to study and now here for good. Manage to catch up with him over some good Chinese tea after our meal.
A very refreshing Iced Rice Milk drink... Home made and not too sweet.
Pan-Fried Dumplings - Taste is not bad but a tad too oily
This is one of the hottest chilli paste around... mixes with 3 different chillies... Be warned!!!
Taiwanese Curry Rice - Not too bad... Love the rice and generous helping of curry chicken and potatoes.
Curry Chicken up close!
Mini Squid - Pretty tasty but the squid really mini... 1cm also have... this was less spicy but I believe a little spicier would be nice.
Noodle With Spicy Bean Paste (Zha Jiang Mian) - Loads of shredded veg on top as you can see... quite a healthy choice!
Our damage... quite worth it for the variety

Rating: 4.5/5. Food is alright maybe because we didn’t try the popular dishes like Braised Pork Rice, Drunken Chicken, Boneless Chicken Rice, Beef Noodles and Oyster Mee Sua… will those the next time I’m back. But service is exceptionally good! Not because I’m handsome(*PUKE*), but because I noticed the good service given to every other table.

Taste: Nice and healthy. Good for families with elderly. Not sure if they are authentic Taiwanese cos never been there, but it suits our taste buds definitely.

Portion: Average.

Price: See last pic.

RTE: Yes if I’m around that area. 🙂

Location: See last pic also for address and telephone no.