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孖寶车仔面 @ Kwai Fong, Hong Kong


This place is highly recommended by my friend and people who lives around there. It’s basically a street stall inside a shopping mall. When you reach Kwai Fong MTR station, you have to walk on the link bridge and turn right to the older mall. If not clear better ask ‘cos I will get lost too. It was about 9pm but the business was still very good. This place I can conclude is totally unknown to tourists!

Was told by the lady I cannot take photos of the stall... but... what's there to hide??? It's just menu hanging everywhere... sigh...
Pig spare parts soup...
My order of noodles with beef brisket, cheesy cocktail sausage and squid balls. HKD$30. Basically you can choose whatever ingredient you like to add to your base plain noodles.
Stealing a peek at what others are ordering... and I didn't order... how can?!?!
So I ordered a braised chicken leg with curry fishballs. The leg damn nice... for only HKD$13 each. Balls same same like anywhere else lah.
Me putting on the disposable gloves... Had to stretch it a bit... too small!
Finally got to eat! It's juicy and tender! Love it!
Address of the stall

Rating: 4/5. Initial attitude was not there but service at the tables were good.

Taste: Nice and tasty… especially the chicken leg! Yums!

Portion: Average

Price: Stated with the pics

RTE: When I’m around the area.

Location: See last picture. If lost, must ask!