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I was wondering… how can I not talk about Singapore’s common favourite breakfast! Yes Roti Prata is prolly a poor man’s food in Sri Lanka and India, but in Singapore, there are so many versions of it now that it pretty hard to upkeep. First they have the original plain ones, then they add egg, then cheese, then mushroom, then banana, then some other fruits, then ice-cream, then also tissue, plaster and paper pratas… And I think I only named half of the entire range. Malaysia’s version is called Roti Canai… dunno why they must named it differently when the Indians and Sri Lankans themselves say that it’s Prata… sigh…

I’m not gonna feature those cocky and over priced places famous for pratas… you guys should know where they are. This one I’m featuring is gonna give those places a run for their money. Located at a corner of the coffee shop at Block 350 Ubi Avenue 1, this place is known by the people who lives or work around the vicinity for it’s croissant -like crispy pratas! Originally started by an Indian couple, both can do the pratas equally good. Now they have a Chinese guy taking orders and serving the plates… dunno if he is another partner. You know lah, I don’t announce I’m gonna feature their food. I’m stealth remember?!?! Ok check out the pics below and click to enlarge.

Shop front
Looks plain but it's very tasty.
See the crust... I think you can imagine how crispy it is already. 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5. Would be a perfect 5/5 if the cheese they use is Mozerella ones…

Taste: Taste like our very own croissant! Crispy outside, fluffy inside. Best of all, it’s not oily!

Portion: Standard.

Price: 70 cents plain, $1.20 with egg and $1.50 with cheese. (Price list pretty clear on the first pic)

RTE: All the time when the craving comes.

Location: Blk 350 Ubi Avenue 1 Coffeeshop. Morning only till 12pm.