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莎廊坊 – Suzhou, China


A Korean friend invited me for dinner to celebrate his wife’s birthday. This is perhaps one of the best Korean restaurants I have visited in China and I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, not because of the company but also the ambience and the food. According to my friend, he said that this is probably the closest to what they eat in Seoul. Really mesmerized with the cuisine they have to offer and not that expensive also.

Restaurant front
Restaurant front
Using real charcoal for BBQ
Love the decor
Quite full at night
Beef Ribs
The veg is free flow… to wrap and eat with the meat. Salads we ordered.
Fried kimchi pancake
Service staff will be BBQing for you
Kimchi soup comes with a bowl of steamed rice
Cold Noodles… This one is damn awesome… The noodles are chewy like what you eat in Korea!
Complimentary dessert

Rating: 4.5/5. Service could be a little better.

Taste: Really good. I would wanna visit again but on diet… maybe after my diet to reward myself!

Portion: Average

Service: Service is not that good ‘cos you have to call them to get things done. Some things have to be automatic like topping up the water when the glass is empty, etc.

Ambience: Very nicely decorated.

Price: I didn’t pay but I believe it’s around RMB500 (SGD$100) for 4 pax.

RTE: Hell yeah!

Location工业园区旺墩路268号圆融时代广场天幕东街11幢1-2楼(华池街口). Tel: 0512-66966277