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Cafes & Eateries In Melbourne Day 4


Began the day at a neighbourhood centre looking at the veg and fruit stalls and how excellent the produce is in Australia. Seriously in love with their mangoes and avocado. Cheap and good!

Bakers Delight
Check out the amount of breads on display
Bought this Vegemite Roll… yums!
And also this Spinach Feta Twist..

Bakers Delight

Experience: Was at Bakers Delight at the neighbourhood place and just in awed by their selection of breads and the massive portions of it. And they are like our BreadTalk and they are everywhere.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: Everywhere in Melbourne.

Latte AUD$3.80
Flat White AUD$3.80
Hey Bloke AUD$16.90
Pancakes AUD$15.00
Sweetcorn Fritters AUD$17.90

Miss Marie Café              

Experience: Yes I’m back again at this place and this time for the brunch! Crowded as expected but we managed to get a table for 4. The food is really good and fresh. Reasonably priced as well. Latte was different ‘cos not prepared by the boss. Overall is a nice dining experience there!

Rating: 4/5.

Location: 45 Beetham Parade, Rosanna VIC 3084. 0730-1600hrs.

Everyday Coffee
Simple is best.
3 Groups… My dream machine… One of them at least… ;P
My Ice White

Everyday Coffee             

Experience: This coffee bar is exactly what I envisioned for a traditional coffee bar. Coffee is the main product while everything else is secondary. This is prolly the only place in Melbourne being so coffee-centric and definitely deserves my respect. Ordered the ice white, really lovely with the right body and taste. This is a place which I will revisit when I’m back there.

Rating: 5/5.

Location: 33 Johnston Street, Melbourne VIC 3066. 0700-1700hrs.

Pizzas are awesome
Doesn’t look good but tasted good.
Cabonaras are the best!
Love this seafood mix
Lovely salad!

Sofia Restaurant (Takeaway)     

Experience: I remember when I first stepped into Melbourne in 2002, Sofia has already established themselves as a damn awesome Italian joint in Camberwell since 1969. The servings are humongous as usual and the stacking of the gelato is just amazing how they can pile up the ice cream on one small bowl. Although faced with some food poisoning issues sometime in the last decade, Sofia is still standing strong with 6 outlets now in the whole of Melbourne. So buying takeaways here is not uncommon as the food is still damn good even after packed home. The food is still very good, with their home made pastas and halal certification, this place is a roaring success. They play a very big part in the community too in many charities which set a very good reminder for us in business to give back to society.

Rating: 5/5.

Location: Check out www.sofiacamberwell.com.au. Opens from 11am till late.

Barista Bros

Barista Bros Double Strength Iced Coffee

Experience: This product is just launched by Coca-Cola in Australia and probably one of the better milk coffee drinks. This double strength one is a lot better than the normal one but the milk used seems to be powdered base. Nevertheless still a very good substitute when fresh brews are not available, especially at night when the urge for a fix sets in.

Rating: 4/5.

Location: Most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Started writing on Day 5 already… Day 5 is unfortunately a day where I sprained my right foot for walking too much around the beautiful city, but seriously, no regrets. I will be sharing some of the awesome views and pics here and you’ll know what I mean. Stay tuned folks!

Big Roy