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Penang Char Kway Teow – Bedok, Singapore


This is truly a hidden gem tucked in between so many stalls with so many pictures of food hanging all over the place. Was here for lunch after doctor’s for Diana and I noticed this old uncle do not have that many orders like the other stalls in this coffeeshop. I told Diana that I had a feeling that the food might be good. So I approached the stall.

Mr Leong, the old uncle who retired being a crane operator is 77 years old this year and have been operating this stall for over a year. This is a very scary sight because at this age, he should be happily retired and living his life. There could be a lot of factors to consider but I’m leaning towards happy and positive thoughts… maybe his passion for cooking supersedes everything. So ya, here he is answering my questions and the first thing I asked him was,”Uncle, if I had to eat one thing, what would you recommend. He pointed the Penang Char Kway Teow. I told him ok let’s do it. $3 one plate. Reviews below:

The aroma already passed my test!
Soft and nice
For $3 there’s a lot of ingredients
Burp! #worldcleanplate
Uncle Leong

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: No doubt about it, very close to authenticity. Not overly salty, flavour just right. Wok hei controlled well without the burnt taste. Even Diana said it was good!

Portion: Good size for $3!

Service: Self-service

Ambience: Coffeeshop

Price: $3.

RTE: Definitely! I got a feeling the Char Beehoon is also good!

Location: Block 418 Bedok North Avenue 2, Epic Haus Coffeeshop.




Whenever I come to the west I totally dunno what to eat. So I dropped some one near Redhill recently and I was intro to the famous Fried Hokkien Mee. So I turned into ABC Brickworks Food Centre and check it out.
Little did I gel the pieces together that actually my other friends have been telling me about this place. So when I was there, I met an old Uncle and Aunty. Uncle is actually being featured in Tiger Beer’s recent uncagestreetfood commercials! He started helping at his mother’s fishball noodle stall when he was in his teens and have been in this hawker business for more than 50 years! Truly a Legendary Hawker!


Visited twice already since. First time I ordered the medium plate, not enough… So second trip I ordered the $6 portion which was flooded with ingredients and bigger prawns! I truly love uncle’s version which soaks up all the eggy sauce and gives a nice slime coating on the noodles. Taste wise is exactly what I ate when I was young. Almost similar to Old Simon Road’s but this stall’s sambal chilli and crispy lard dressing adds on to the overall great eating experience. Yums!


$4, $5 or $6





Waiting Time:

5-20mins depending on your luck.




#01-100 ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Daily 9am to 9pm (Closed on Tuesdays) Avoid afternoon time cos Uncle needs to rest.

The Skewer Bar – Geylang, Singapore


You know most of the time we run out of choices for supper in Singapore and this is prolly a good place for such indulgence for your next supper outing. Was introduced to this little place by a friend and immediately it rekindled my years in China where you can find BBQs at every nooks and crannies in the neighbourhood.

Although they just started only like two months ago, I have since revisited them after they have renovated (expanded) but still most customers prefer to sit outside when they have a nice airconditioned room inside. On top of that, they even have crafted and draft beers now which of course is not offered by the coffee shop they are residing in.

The stall. To the left is the new wing.
The offerings. The team is working in new items soon to add on to the range.
One the partners is the main chef doing the BBQing.
A touch of passion & spice
These bacon with enoki or quails’ egg is so good!
BBQ Stingray with homemade sambal chilli. Not very spicy for me, but at least the fish is nice and fresh!
Somehow the mini Taiwanese sausages on the right is damn nice! The balls on the left are homemade chicken and pork balls. Very nice lightly grilled with teriyaki sauce.
Grilled Shitake & chicken liver
Electric stove also have fire one ok!
More orders of these damn blardy awesome pork skewers!
More orders of this homemade grandma’s recipe!
BBQ Eggplant is very nice especially with the shallots and garlic on top!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Love it! Especially the pork skewers and special pork & chicken balls! Not forgetting the bacon skewers!

Portion: Skewers lor.

Service: Very good especially when 4 partners are there to help out.

Ambience: The new aircon area is damn comfy lah in this blardy hot weather!

Price: Skewers starts from $1.20 to $18 (sea bass) Sea bass is really worth a try!

RTE: Soon!

Location: 489 Geylang Road. Opens daily. See FB page for hours.

Social Media: http://www.fb.com/theskewerbar


Original Simon Road Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee


I was on a Hokkien Mee spree recently and was so glad to have found this old stall which I grew up with. Originally located at the corner coffeeshop along Upper Serangoon Road & Simon Road, my grandma personally even knows the founder of this Hokkien Mee stall who is the grand master of this current stall. He has a nickname of “Half Squat Stand” as he fries the noodles in a charcoal stove slightly elevated from the ground while sitting on a wooden stool and he was half squatting all the time. He only sits down when he’s braising the noodles or tired. 🙂


After handing down the stall to the father of the current stall owner, the business continued to flourish. Not just because of the fact they were using charcoal to fry, but also because of the overall balance it gives to the taste. Not to mention their chilli that goes with your plate of awesomeness.


The stall has since moved to the address below, the current stall at Simon Road was their ex-worker (obviously no franchise/permission)  who apparently lacks the skills to deliver that awesome plate of Fried Hokkien Mee. I tried it on one occasion and it was so bad that I didn’t write about it. But chilli was good, I suspect they got from same supplier.


Anyways if you’re around Hougang Central area (old interchange), go check out this plate of tradition.


The son on far left will be taking over and he’s the 4th generation.


Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Seriously the taste hasn’t changed much from my childhood days minus the charcoal wok hei of course. But I’m a little confused by the use of 2 types of chilli but I reckon they are catering to peeps with different palates.

Portion: Portion is good with loads of squid and prawns below the plate.

Ambience: Traditional coffee shop.

Service: Very good. Approachable.

Price: $5 for my plate.

RTE: Definitely.

Location: 210 Hougang St 21. Opening hours: Tues to Sun, 12pm to 10.30pm.

4Fingers – Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore


This chain of restaurants needs no introduction… at least in Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. So why am I writing about them? Reason is, I wanna clear the air with some friends who told me that this is a Korean establishment… No, no, no… this is actually a wholly Singaporean owned concept, currently owned by Bento Holdings Pte Ltd. I believe this is prolly because their specialty is in Korean fried chicken wings, hence the assumption it’s from Korea? Beats me man, but I checked them out anyways with some friends.

So we went to this outlet in Changi Airport after a tiring event and even though at 9.30pm, there is a blardy queue! Pretty turn off cos in Singapore now, you have to queue for everything… yes, even toilet. Sad but true… we are a freakin’ small country with too many people… Soon enough we will be sleeping standing up! Anyways, see pics below as usual and comments. 😉

Queue beeper… waited for like 10-15mins. Not as long as I expected.
Mixed flavours… really dunno which is which… 18pcs combo using DBS card cost $19.95.
Seafood Combo $9.95. Quite good, juicier than the wings actually.
Kimchi Coleslaw $3.50 – This one’s pretty good.
Seaweed and Kimchi Fries – Part of the combo… both are like those shaker fries… seaweed was ok, kimchi one was tasteless.

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: The sauces on the wings are pretty tasty but salty. Wings are crispy definitely but a little small and dry…. I felt they were a little over fried. But overall pretty ok.

Portion: Average.

Service: With a persistent long queue, only one person was taking orders at the counter… maybe shortage of staff.

Ambience: Like any other fast food restaurant.

Price: Total bill came up to $38.35 for 4 pax, including drinks and GST.

RTE: Maybe at the other 3 outlets to try their wings again and perhaps their drumsticks, which ran out when I visited.

Location: #B2-02 Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Tse Char Stall – Hougang, Singapore


Tse Char (煮炒) simply means ‘Cook & Fry’ in dialect. In other words, these stalls offer dishes that are cooked to the style and taste of the locals. There are many tse char stalls in Singapore and Malaysia, normally found in a coffeeshop or a food centre, each with their own way of cooking the pre-fixed menus, which also can be adjusted when ordering. Totally flexible!

This stall I’m gonna write about is located at a coffee shop near where I live. Really dunno the name of the stall but this is a new stall, maybe a couple of months old, but I decided to try it with my mother as they have BBQ seafood as part of their menu! Not many tse char stalls have this choice! Check out what we ate for 3 pax!

Stall front
Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves $6. Totally missed this when I was overseas! Love the sambal and check out the bottom of the plate, not oily! Very nice.
Prawn Paste Chicken $10 – There were 8pcs and pretty good as they were crispy outside and juicy inside.
Sambal Stingray $10 – Quite good size for $10 and check out the amount of sambal on top… Nice and juicy meat as well.
Claypot Tofu $8 – Love the fact they use siew yoke inside! Typical cantonese style.
Marmite Chicken $12 – These are pretty awesome!
Total bill with 4 bowls of rice only $48! Value for money!

Overall Rating: For the price, this tse char stall is really value for money and taste is pretty good. Love the sambal chilli!

Location: Block 309 Hougang Avenue 5 Coffee Shop

老街肉骨茶 (Old Street Bak Kut Teh) – Upper Paya Lebar, Singapore


I was looking for a place for lunch one of the early afternoons around Paya Lebar area when this super loud signage caught my attention. So I went in and found a table at one corner. Although it is named Old Street, this joint has the latest gadgets for their Order Management System! I was so impress with the iPads on every table and patrons can order their foods at the comfort of their table! Check out my review below:

The loud signage I was talking about… Quite cool right?
iPad order management system
I’m impressed!
Wah this set looks worth it! At $8.50 you get a bowl of bak kut teh, you tiao, soy bean curd and a bowl of rice!
Side dishes!
After adding your orders, this message pops up to let you know your order has gone through.
For the tables not along the walls, you pull this out to order!
This is at 12.15pm…
Help yourselves with the condiments and sauces…
Traditionally, bak kut teh is usually accompanied by brewing a pot of chinese tea… Check out the tap for topping up the water by the side….
I was expecting a small bowl of bak kut teh prolly with 3 miserable pieces of pork ribs/bones. But there was 4 pieces with 2 rather meaty ribs. Soup was really wholesome and peppery, love it!
You tiao (doughsticks) are served hot and fresh to go with your soup! Awesome selling point!
Braised small intestines. Really nice and good portioning! – S$6.50
Soy bean curd is smooth and silky!
My damage…

Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Although it is a little on the pricey side with GST, the food is really of good quality and taste. It would be cheaper if I wasn’t alone. Nevertheless, thumbs up and would revisit soon!

Location: 129 Upper Paya Lebar Road.