4Fingers – Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore

This chain of restaurants needs no introduction… at least in Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia. So why am I writing about them? Reason is, I wanna clear the air with some friends who told me that this is a Korean establishment… No, no, no… this is actually a wholly Singaporean owned concept, currently owned by Bento Holdings Pte Ltd. I believe this is prolly because their specialty is in Korean fried chicken wings, hence the assumption it’s from Korea? Beats me man, but I checked them out anyways with some friends. So we went to this outlet in Changi Airport after … Continue reading 4Fingers – Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore

Tse Char Stall – Hougang, Singapore

Tse Char (煮炒) simply means ‘Cook & Fry’ in dialect. In other words, these stalls offer dishes that are cooked to the style and taste of the locals. There are many tse char stalls in Singapore and Malaysia, normally found in a coffeeshop or a food centre, each with their own way of cooking the pre-fixed menus, which also can be adjusted when ordering. Totally flexible! This stall I’m gonna write about is located at a coffee shop near where I live. Really dunno the name of the stall but this is a new stall, maybe a couple of months … Continue reading Tse Char Stall – Hougang, Singapore

老街肉骨茶 (Old Street Bak Kut Teh) – Upper Paya Lebar, Singapore

I was looking for a place for lunch one of the early afternoons around Paya Lebar area when this super loud signage caught my attention. So I went in and found a table at one corner. Although it is named Old Street, this joint has the latest gadgets for their Order Management System! I was so impress with the iPads on every table and patrons can order their foods at the comfort of their table! Check out my review below: Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Although it is a little on the pricey side with GST, the food is really of good … Continue reading 老街肉骨茶 (Old Street Bak Kut Teh) – Upper Paya Lebar, Singapore

香记鸡饭 (Xiangji Chicken Rice) – Toa Payoh, Singapore

Hey y’all! Haven’t been writing for the past 2 days as I was super busy packing all my stuffs for my move later today. Yes, I’ll be moving back from Shenzhen back to my homeland Singapore! I dunno if it’s a good thing (Cos there’s so much good food & hazardous for my diet!) but it’s always a good thing to be near family and friends. Will be embarking in a new company dealing with F&B distribution. Will keep you guys posted! Anyways I’m about 95% packed and ready for the movers to swarm in after 2pm! Anyways, am really … Continue reading 香记鸡饭 (Xiangji Chicken Rice) – Toa Payoh, Singapore

Alex’s Eating House – Beach Road, Singapore

I can’t believe I didn’t write about one of my favourite places for canton roast meats in Singapore! I reckon it’s prolly because I frequented this place way before I started eatwithroy! Believe me, this place has been here since I started working 17 years ago! (Damn, I’ve just disclosed my age!) My memory about this place can sum up with only one word, crowded. Especially during lunch hours. Nevertheless, they always have enough supplies to serve their customers as they roast all their meats at their simple kitchen facility behind. I visited this place again recently hence I was … Continue reading Alex’s Eating House – Beach Road, Singapore