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吉兆手握寿司 – Shenzhen, China


A couple-friend in Shenzhen asked me out for dinner recently and we decided to check this place out in Dongmen, one of the shopping places in Shenzhen. I seldom go to Dongmen reason because the place is always extremely crowded and it is a notorious place for pickpocket syndicates. Nevertheless, I would be extra careful whenever I’m in the area.

Found the restaurant which is just across the street of the new 1234 Mall, and had to wait for our table. The queue is even longer during weekends! Check out my comments with the pictures below:

Restaurant front with seats for the queue
Seated at the counter, no tables!
Cheese Balls/Uni Balls RMB$28 – Not a big fan. Cheese balls also not a lot of cheese. Can skip ordering this.
Crabstick Sushi – This is free with one of the orders!
3 orders here of Unagi sushi RMB12, Scallop Sushi RMB26 and Grilled Salmon Sushi RMB9. All 3 types are delicious!
Salmon Sashimi RMB98 – Fresh and yummy!
Some in house creation sushi RMB18 – This is not too bad.
Soft Shell Crab Handroll RMB12 – the name of the shop suggests that they are good in their handrolls. So this one is not bad.
California Handroll RMB18 – Anything with mayo taste good! 🙂
Sea-grass RMB12 – Love this, my only source of ‘veg’ for the night. Available in supermarkets also.
Salmon Tail Sushi RMB14 for 1. You get a lot of salmon in this sushi!
Charred Tiger Prawn Sushi RMB9 a pair. Semi-raw prawns… tasted quite nice but not a big fan of raw prawns though.
Forgot what’s this… But it’s nice.
Salmon Rose Sushi RMB12 – Friend’s order, should be quite good.

Overall a decent place for a good sushi meal. The freshness in the ingredients can be tasted and also witness (so crowded means the supplies are usually fresh!). Go try it and let me know if you like it too!

Location: 罗湖区东门东升广场休闲玻璃屋1号. Tel: 82292858. Don’t think they take reservations but if your group is big, just call them.


  1. Go after 8pm. Half price for all the items. Not many people know. (Hope they still have this policy)
  2. Always keep your belongings in front of you. Wallets and phones in front pockets. Bags sling to the front… yes, even haversacks, in front!

深美餐厅 – Shenzhen, China


If you’ve visited Shenzhen, China, you probably might not know this place. Although situated near the Futian customs, this place is not known to tourists or even most locals. Located at the midst of Shui Wei Village of Huanggang Town, you can’t miss this corner cafe with its nicely renovated interior and exterior.  Check out the food I tried below:

Cafe front
Selfie with the decor of bird cages
Dumpling – One big dumpling in nice stock. This is nice.
Filled with ingredients.
Typical canton entree also. Fried eggy flour curls with sugar coating. This is made to perfection… soft inside and crispy on the outside.
Rice flour rolls with crispy bits and shrimps inside. Quite innovative and the combination tasted pretty good.
Same rice rolls with char siew. Char siew was quite little though but the rolls are nice and tender. Tasted a little milky though, quite new experience for me.
Siew Mai – Another typical HK dimsum must have. Each with a shrimp on top.
Fried Instant Noodles with Pork Chop – A standard entree in most HK cafes, this one is not bad.
As usual, I would need a plate of veg!
Iced Milk Tea without the ice… non-diluted milk tea at its best!
Address and contacts

Rating: 4/5. Confusing menu which I’ll write about in my next post!

Taste: 5/5. Value for money and taste good at the same time!

Portion: Average.

Service: 4/5. Quite good service overall.

Ambience: 4/5. Nice decor but smoking still present even though the government has banned smoking indoors.

Price: Very affordable. Whole meal for 2 is around RMB$110. No tipping required.

RTE: Yes if around that area!

Location: See last pic.

Tips: Sit near the door if you don’t smoke like me. 🙂