My Trial Uber Driving Experience

Hey y’all, Sorry for not writing after so long as I’ve been swarmed with work, training, and trip to Melbourne (Will post some of the interesting places I’ve been later). So now I have time to complete this blog and post this up. Have a good read and laugh about it if it tickles you.  Just 5 weeks ago, I took up the offer to drive with Uber and was given 10 free hours + free petrol to try Smove car rentals. When I announced under my Instagram account, many friends thought I was already driving for Uber for good. … Continue reading My Trial Uber Driving Experience

Bakerz@Work – Macpherson, Singapore

I discovered this place recently near where I work and I believe it commenced business not too long ago. Located just below Citimac Industrial Complex, opposite the huge Cross of Trinity Church, this bakery cafe shop is quite a saviour for me especially when I need my fix of caffeine at the end of a busy day. This place has not just gourmet coffees but also crafted breads and cakes for customers. On top of that, they have a good range of baking equipment for sale in their little shop. Further in, there is a room for baking workshops that … Continue reading Bakerz@Work – Macpherson, Singapore

香港新发烧腊茶餐厅 – Shenzhen, China

Seems like many first times… if not I will not be writing about them haha… I was heading to my favorite coffee place and was looking for some food before that and I found this place. Apparently it’s a famous chain in Hong Kong since 1974 and they have expanded into Shenzhen since 2002. This place can get quite crowded and there’ll be lots of seats outside this place for those who wanna wait. I didn’t try a lot as I’m controlling my food intake and was alone. So I tried what a Cha Can Ting should be good for; … Continue reading 香港新发烧腊茶餐厅 – Shenzhen, China