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鸿运茶餐厅 (Hung Wan Restaurant) – Shenzhen, China


Hung Wan Restaurant is a Cha Can Ting I frequent when I was staying in Shenzhen, China. The best thing about this place is, it is just below the regular spa I frequent too. So can order their food up and eat while I was watching TV program or having a foot massage! Awesome lifestyle back then and missing it definitely.

Hung Wan I believe are owned by Hong Kongers and they have gone through renovation recently and the interior designing was done by Millwork Interiors based in HK too. Very excellent work done, with a vibrant and energetic design giving the restaurant a younger and fresher look. Check out the pics below:

Store front
Lovely Milk Tea
Cha Can Ting fried drumsticks are usually quite yummy
My fav fried maggie with pork chops!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Not bad. Tasted better but nice enough to curb my cravings. A bit on the oily side though.

Portion: Average.

Service: Slow… Cos 24hrs… lesser staff?

Ambience: Smoking now disallowed inside aircon areas but still you get some assholes smoking inside.

Price: Total about SGD$12.

RTE: Yeah if I’m visiting that spa again.

Location: 2003 Jintian Rd, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518048

深井华香鹅快餐店 – Futian, Shenzhen, China


Shenjing is famous for it’s roast goose in Hong Kong but you don’t have to travel there just to look for good roast goose. Many have learnt the trick of roasting good goose and they are all over HK and Guangdong province of China. One of which, was pretty near my Shenzhen office at Huaqiangbei area, the electronic city of Shenzhen.

The eatery is very very small and usually super crowded during lunch hours. The weird thing is, their meals are not cheap there as compared to some RMB$15 ones along the same road. But people would queue up and pack or dine in. So I gave it a try, and was lucky to find a table.

Store front
Left only 1 goose, sold out pretty fast so have to wait for second batch if late.
See how small the place
Soup of The Day or 例汤. Usually some veg thrown in with the greasy goose bones.
Char Siew and Roast Goose Platter (RMB68)
Goose Liver (RMB4)
Char Siew too lean for me

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: Roast goose not bad. The skin is the key factor. Very yummy. Flesh is tender. Char siew is typical lah, lean and a bit chewy cos of the tendons.

Portion: Average.

Price: As above on the pics.

Service: Fast and poor.

Ambience: Small, crampy and loud.

RTE: Tapao maybe. Will ask the runners to tapao next time.

Location: 93 Huafa N Rd, HuaQiang Bei, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518000. Hours: 9.30am to 9pm daily. Tel: +86 755 8376 3344 (Check stock or orders)



Hey guys,
Sorry haven’t been writing as I’m away in Shenzhen now for a short holiday cum errands trip till this Sunday. After landing in Singapore ok that morning, I’ll be checking out House of Peranakan at Frankel Avenue that very day. So more reviews coming your way soon!

In the meantime, you can follow my instantaneous foot prints on Instagram (@eatwithroy) or on Facebook (www.fb.com/eatwithroy) and see what Shenzhen is like now and also all the food that I’ll be trying!

In the meantime, take care y’all and have a great weekend!

Big Roy

Mango Delicacy 满哥甜品 – Shenzhen, China


Discovered a nice dessert place also in the Shui Wei town of the Futian District in Shenzhen. I’ve walked past this place before twice and only went in to check it out on the third time. It is said to be originated from HK but I haven’t seen this in HK though… The cafe is nicely decorated like a usual HK Cafe (Cha Can Ting) and was greeted when we stepped into the place. Check out the video that I’ve done below:

Overall Rating: 4.5/5. Could be a full 5 if the latte was prepared better. The poor pulling of the espresso shot was apparent in the taste. Waffles was awesome, good portioning and the set was totally value for money.

Location: 福田区福强路水围二街12号. Tel: 8283 5579.

木屋烧烤 (Wooden Hut BBQ) – Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Been here many times as it’s prolly the best BBQ place in Shenzhen and some say China. My friends who have been here with me would agree and I believe they are still reminiscing about it. 🙂 Although this place is walking distance from where I stay, some control still need to be exercised. The good thing about this place as compared to their roadside competitors, is that they have a nice woody theme ambience and that the food is somewhat ‘cleaner’ and has more variety. Check out the pics below and drool.

Restaurant front
The BBQ guys… Ventilation is pretty good inside.
Scallops – Love the mix of garlic and chilli. Goes very well with seafood.
Chicken Drumsticks
Enoki mushrooms
Saba fish
Fried Beehoon with cuttlefish strips. This one is a must order. Very tasty!
Salad with Chinese dressing (soy sauce & sesame oil) to balance the meats intake!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: 5/5. One of the best I’ve taste in the whole of China.

Portion: 4/5.

Service: 4/5. Could be better.

Ambience: 4/5. Dunno if they have implemented non-smoking already since Shenzhen government has recently launched non-smoking in public areas.

Price: A dinner like this cost around RMB$200 (SGD$42) for around 3-4 pax.

RTE: Yeah definintely but need at least 2-3 pax or else cannot order much!

Location: 深圳市福田区八卦一路七天酒店东侧1楼. This is just one of their 33 outlets!!! All in Shenzhen alone!

Hollys Coffee 豪丽斯咖啡 (MixC Mall) – Shenzhen, China


Alright folks, firstly I would like to thank y’all for your great support that this blogsite has hit more than 70k unique hits already. Awesome job guys! Secondly, I would like to apologize for not updating this site, reason is I’ve been bogged down by my move from Suzhou to Shenzhen. And immediately after my arrival, I got into work mode already and been busy till even today. I’m squeezing some time over weekends to update now and I have so much backlogs not just in Shenzhen but also my trip to Xiamen! I’m telling you, the food there… I really need to go again. This time I may organize a group of foodies to check out the place together. 🙂

Anyways, I would like to start with a place which I’ve checked out not too long ago. This is a famous coffee chain which is franchised from Korea, with more than 200 stores worldwide! Of course I didn’t know about this place ‘cos I’ve never been to Korea. But I found out the first store was opened in July 2012 in Shenzhen. So far they have 4 outlets in whole of Shenzhen! Check out my reviews below:

Store front at MixC Phase 2
Love the mezzanine concept and high ceiling!
Ordering counter
2nd floor
Selfie! 🙂 And showing the view from the top as well.
Love those lamps!
No latte art and foam was obviously scooped. The roast they use really doesn’t appeal to me even though it was a triple shot. Lack of robust. Something is really wrong with the formula.
Banana Caramel Waffles with ice cream. I reckon vanilla ice cream would be nicer with this combi but then again, not a big fan of sweets.
Pizza toast… Ingredients not a lot and toast is so thick… was basically eating bread…
Some Rock Candy which was bought by someone beside us… They had to use a mallet to crush it… Scary… That’s one huge lump of sugar! 😛

Rating: 4/5. Extra points for ambience and service. Not so much for coffee and food though.

Taste: For those who like sweet stuff, you may like it here but nothing very special ‘cos all the sauces used are all readily available from supermarket.

Service: I must say service is pretty good. Don’t like the self-collection part though (even for food).

Ambience: Very good. But during summer the aircon may not be cool enough ‘cos of the high ceiling.

Portion: Average.

Price: The 2 entrees above with 2 grande lattes costed around RMB$130+. Pretty alright.

RTE: I wouldn’t return to eat but it’s a nice place to hang out and of course, eye candy! 😉

Location: 罗湖区宝安南路1881号万象城. It’s hidden around a corner so you may wanna ask the security guard from the mall (That’s how I found it too!) They would bring you to the road and show you which way to walk! Talk about good service yo!

新口岸葡国餐(Porto Exterior) @ Macau City, Macau


There’s so much good food in Macau that I had to write almost every meal I ate… Sigh… But it’s good to share with friends who are clueless about where to eat lah. Was my last night in Macau, so took the chance to walk around the hotel area and at the same, look  for real Portuguese food to fulfill one of my agendas in my food list. I remembered my friend brought me to one which is really small but very home-feel. Food was good but it wasn’t that affordable.

So I ventured around on my own, came across a few Portuguese restaurants, but didn’t enter. Almost succumbed to 鼎泰丰 when I was approaching Rio Hotel, but I decided to ask the girls at the money exchange opposite Rio Hotel instead. They told me there’s one pretty good one just behind where they are. So I walked to the back, which was under a lot of renovation, and very surprise to find that amidst all that major renovation, the restaurants are still operational. Found the restaurant, went in and was warmly welcomed by the lady manageress.

Rio Hotel with casino below. The restaurant is opposite this hotel, right in the middle of the low shop houses.
They have signages at every side...
Was there around 9+ on a weekday, hence not many people.
The old man on the far right is the boss.
Buns baked in house
Took a pint of beer to go with my food. HK$32 only. About S$5.
Roast Chicken Salad... The chicken is not nice. Can skip. HKD$36.
Special sauce made in-house to go with the salad. Tasted like a mixture of Thousand Island with Miracle Whip. ;P
Braised Ox Tail. This dish is awesome... Wished I had some baguette to go along... next time I bring my own... ;P HKD$66
Beef Tripe Tomato Soup. Very nice puree made from fresh tomatoes. HKD$56
Total bill for a meal for 2 normal persons. HKD$209 is about SGD$34.
Address, opening hours and website of the location.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Portuguese food in Macau has a little Asian flare in them. The ox tail is a little salty though… but is ok when go with rice or bread. Will check out the other items next time I’m there.

Portion: Above average.

Price: HKD$209 for all.

RTE: Yeah!

Location: See last pic. Get to opposite Rio Hotel and you will see it.