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友记传统小吃 @ 327 Hougang Avenue 5


I reckon it’s about time to write about good food stalls around where I live. Hougang despite the aging estate, has newly renovated coffeeshops to cater to the ever changing demanding taste buds of Singaporeans. This coffeeshop at block 327 was renovated 2 years back and have been doing very well since cos of the introduction of many new stalls while retaining the old ones. I was there one of the nights with my friends for dinner and knowing how much I miss Fried Oyster, I ordered from this stall which was not there before the renovation.

The Stall
The cooking took sometime because they really took the time to fry it. And because they took the time to fry it, the flour part is super crispy and the flavour was immense.
My dinner of Braised Duck Rice With Egg. Only $3! Where on earth can you still get $3 for duck rice with egg???

Rating: 4/5. Oyster too little… counted like only 4pcs.

Taste: Fried Oyster taste really good even though the oysters were miserably little. A good Fried Oyster is actually not in the oyster but in the flour and egg combination together with fish sauce. Duck rice is also cheap and nice. Must try!

Portion: Slightly above average.

Price: $3 for duck rice and $4 for fried oyster!

RTE: Hell yeah!

Location: Block 327 Hougang avenue 5.