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[MEDIA INVITE] Holiday In My Head – Black Box @ Drama Centre, Singapore


Two nights ago I had the privilege to be invited together with some influencer friends to attend the opening night of a local theatre production, Holiday In My Head by Asylum Theatre. I was so looking forward to this play since it was out on Sistic for sales a few months ago.  Thanks Val for arranging and Dean for the tix!

Holiday In My Head is an anthology of nine whimsical holiday-themed short plays by award-winning playwright & director Dean Lundquist.

The unique tales take place in a shared universe populated by kooky Christmas elves, talking silverware, darkly comic circus clowns, a mystic bowl of breakfast cereal and an unusual visit from Santa. 

Performed by an international ensemble cast, Holiday in my Head features the award-winning I Can Tell Your Handbag is Fake, Finger Food, and The Joy of Solitude. Also included are audience favorites Coulrophobia (The Fear of Clowns), Holiday with Mr. K, Faith in the Super Bowl, The Naughty List, Holy Toast and the world première of Christmas Bonus. I shall not disclose too much here but this hilarious production is prolly a great breakaway from our daily mundane stressful lifestyle and definitely a cool warm-up as we approach the long awaited Christmas.

This production is performed by very seasoned Chris Bucko, Chio Su-Ping, Paul Lucas, Andrew Mowatt, Amanda Tee and Zee Wong <– she’s hot! 😍😍😍

So go check it out this weekend or next, tickets are still available from today till 13th Dec 2015! The link again here for ticket purchase –> http://sistic.com.sg/events/head1215


Check out some of the pics I’ve taken in the dark with very low lighting. Wish I had a better cam but these will do for now I reckon.


Dean opening the production

Ah Huay Hokkien Mee (阿花福建面) – North Bridge Road, Singapore


After my Beef Kway Teow indulgence, I went on walking westwards venturing the whole stretch of shops and eateries towards Crawford Lane area. Saw a lot of old neighborhood shops and chanced upon an old coffeeshop Heap Seng Leong. In there, there’s only one Ah Huay Hokkien Mee stall managed by an old lady. I didn’t know what to expect but went ahead to order a plate from the old granny. 


The little stall on the left
Big plate!
Ingredients are cut on the spot whenever a order comes in. Old granny in the background.

: 4/5. 

Taste: Not fantastically good but you can feel old granny frying the plate of goodness from her heart like frying for her grandchildren. Very homely taste. Ingredients are cut in the spot too! Go support old granny if you’re around that area!

Portion: For $3 this is a big plate! 

Service: Old granny is little slow so please be patient. You have to tell her what you want. She can whip up Hokkien Mee, Fried Kway Teow, noodles soups, etc. Converse with her in dialects will be ideal. I spoke in teochew and she speaks pretty well too.

Ambience: Old and everything seems to be on standstill here. Interesting marble top tables, poor lighting. 

Price: $3.00 only. Damn worth it. 

RTE: I wanna return on my next Food Trail Tuesday to try her char kway teow! 🙂

Location: Block 10 North Bridge Road. Hours: Mornings till late afternoon I believe.