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Restoran Chua Kee 蔡記海鲜 – Johor Bahru, Malaysia


It was one of the impromptu evenings when my god bro swinged the coffee bar to pick me up for dinner I thought. True enough dinner, but in JB! So he drove me home to pick up my passport and then we headed to JB via Tuas checkpoint. 


Exit Gelang Patah, that’s all i know! long time never go in JB lah….
Finally arrived!
Almost 11pm still got customers

粿条大会串 Kway Teow Seafood (RM 30). This plate of kway teow is filled with so much seafood, i was just delighted to see this!

Close up… Must order!
Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (RM30) – You can literally eat the whole prawn! Juicy, crispy and very fresh! A must-order too!
Butter Pork Belly 牛油花肉 (RM12). Another interesting dish that explodes in your mouth! Nice buttery savoury sweet!
Veg fried with fermented tofu (RM8). Yums and cheap!
Homemade Lime Drink (RM2.50). Nice and refreshing!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste:  Seafood is really fresh! Especially the mussels in the Seafood Kway Teow! So yummy!

Portion: Average.

Service: Very good especially the lady with tattoo on the left side of her neck. 

Ambience: Cooling cos near the sea. Well spaced and well lit.

Price: Total damage was only RM$95.40 (S$36)!

RTE: If I have transport! 

Location: 67 Jalan Kacang Panjang, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru, Johor. Tel: 012-7628255, 012-7610529, 07-5103198.  


Settlers Tavern – Margaret River, Western Australia


This is one of the hottest tavern in Margaret River region. My second time here and just love the food and beers. They have ciders on the tap and they are just awesome. Portions are huge, you can order 2 entree and share with 3 pax. I believe the band plays on weekends… but not my type of genre… Nevertheless, this is a place to hang out for dinner and drinks when you’re in Margaret River! Free and ample parking!

Inside the tavern… can be quite warm during winter.
Best business 2012
5% alchohol ciders
Angus beef steak with calamari
Surf & Turf

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Food is nice, but not something I would scream about. The calamari’s batter is not crispy… hence quite disappointing. I should have tried their catch of the day by hand line.

Portion: Above average

Service: Excellent. You get greeted when you enter and they attend to you all the time. Orders will be have to be placed at the counter where the menu board is.

Ambience: Very tavern-like, wooden counters, tables and chairs, a little too warm for me during winter.

Price: AUD20-30 for the entrees, AUD9.50 for the beers/ciders on the tap. Didn’t try anything else cos too full from the meal! You can hold your credit card at the counter if you’re planning to drink loads.

RTE: Yes everytime I’m there!

Location: 114 Bussell Hwy, Margaret River, Western Australia 6285. It’s in the middle of Margaret River, you can’t miss it and that’s how I found it my first time there!



Told myself I need to feature this place after my last trip to Bangkok in Jan. (Yes I’ve got loads of backlogs… sigh) I’ve been patronising this shop since the year 2000, from the time I was savaging sharks fin soup then to the current fish maw soup. It serves very very authentic Chinese Thai seafood cuisine and the fire control is so good, it makes the dishes taste like they have been glazed over the fire before they are being served.

It is started by the old aunty who sits behind the cashier counter and now her family is helping in the whole restaurant. She is also a Teochew and when you step into this restaurant, you can speak almost anything with them from English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Burmese, Teochew and Thai of course. Check out the pics below:

Signboard in Thai...
Many HK magazine reviews... that explains why so many HKgers frequent this place when in Bangkok.
The Chrysenthemum drink is very nice and free flow... love it...
My favourite Fish Maw Soup... Thick and tasty!
Oyster Omelette
Awesome Claypot Vermicelli with River Prawns
Fried Kang Kong... They call this Morning Glory... but quite nice although not sambal.
This is a must try... Salted fish fried rice... after trying this, you will not eat SG ones anymore...
Love this chilli dip sauce... great with the vermicelli and whatever...
Old Aunty and me... She recognises me all the time since my 2nd visit... Feel the warmth when I chat with her...
Stairs to 2nd floor if ground floor is filled.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: I can’t describe anymore. Just go try it when in Bangkok. Try the steam cod fish also, very nice and fresh. You can wash it down with cold bird’s nest also. 🙂

Portion: Average.

Price: The whole meal came up to about slightly less than Baht$1000 which was about SGD$44 for 2-3 pax. Very affordable good food.

RTE: Everytime in Bangkok!

Location: At the beginning of Chinatown on the right side. Yellow signboard on the outside. 457-461 Yaowaraj Road. Tel 02223-0325  02223-7341


Golden Chopsticks Steamboat Restaurant @ Tan Quee Lan Street


When we talk about steamboat, many will talk about the influx of steamboat shops that is crowding out Liang Seah St/Beach Rd/Tan Quee Lan St area. So you will be wondering which one is good? I’ve checked out a few before, 2 of which always advertise on TV… found out that they are not as good as what they claimed to be… especially the one that we have to pay for the soup stock per pax and the other one which claims to have not MSG in their soups… all bullshit and many hidden costs.

So I was checking out this place called Golden Chopsticks along Tan Quee Lan St with some music mates… or rather those who actually bothered to meet up or reply an invitation sent weeks before. I called up for reservations and realised that the place on Sat is really crowded and hot. Literally hot too… be prepared to sweat like mad when you are there. But overall, the food was alright for the price they stated on their website (http://www.goldenchopsticks.com.sg) with no hidden costs or +++. Free flow desserts, ice-cream and drinks. Best of all, they have skewered BBQ stuff which you find in China free flow too! Check out their website to see the stuff they offer… don’t expect the lady in pink on the home page to be there… I didn’t see her there… ;P

Soup bases here are all pretty good. MSG confirm have but very minimal.
A La Carte Order of Freshly Cut Beef
A La Carte order of lamb slices... not so nice though...
BBQ Items
Scallops are frozen ones but quite alright
And many more selection...

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Most important is the soup base. It’s quite nice for all the different kinds of base.

Portion: Buffet

Price: $19.80 nett per pax on weekends

RTE: Maybe when I’m back in Singapore. Now in Shenzhen, there’s a super power ma la hot pot chain of restaurants… will feature it when I go visit them.

Location: http://www.goldenchopsticks.com.sg


XING HUA RESTAURANT @ 276 Race Course Road


Was introduced to this place by a friend of mine. It’s located at the corner of a corner coffeeshop. The place is really old and not to mention dirty… maybe I got my LS from here after that night…

My friend chose a good seat for me to takc pics but at the mercy of the girl who is helping out in the stall… trust me, it’s a bad choice… as per all Xing Hua people, they talk very loud… this girl’s voice is high pitch shrill and loud! And we were so close to the stall some more… sigh…

The Stall... Yes, that's the girl with the super high pitch shrill voice which I believe some of my friends would have strangled her...
Very simple menu because most of the food is up to you to order... if you are a Xing Hua person, you would know what to order!
The famous Fried Mackerel, otherwise known as Batang Fish. One of my favourite fish when I was young. Grandma use to fry like that and eat it with plain porridge. At $2.50 a piece, the fish is fresh and tangy. Very very nice!
Next up was this veg with the multi-layered bean skin... Thought I can only eat that bean skin in steamboat restaurants in china only... very simple and nice dish as well! For only $6.00!
Lala or clams fried in garlic wine sauce. Very tasty and an alternative way of frying it... usually at Tse Char stalls, they fry with sambal. but according to my friend, she said this time is a little watery. Could it be they are not fresh and hence have more juice after frying it? hmmm... $8.00 per plate.
Fried Bee Hoon... Don't mind the presentation but taste is quite good. Even nicer with the Lala sauce. Only $3.50 for the small plate. There are prawns, veg, clams, and braised pork.
Lor Mee! Not your usual colour for lor mee... taste is like noodles soup lor... nicer with the black vinegar. Same ingredients as the fried beehoon. $3.50 per bowl only!

Rationg: 4/5. (Cleanliness can be greatly improved!!!)

Taste: Very nice. Maybe because it’s dirty hahaha… Heard the cook inside sneezing very loudly.. lucky our food done cooking already! ;P

Portion: Slightly above average.

RTE: Perhaps…

Price: Total bill only $26.00 for 2 persons.

Location: 276 Race Course Road. Park illegally along the sides of the road or at the multi-storey carpark.


SoulOut @ Farmway 1


Heard so much about this chill out place located in a farmway at Pasir Ris so I decided to check it out with a friend for dinner. Not too hard to find but it’s located slightly deep in the Pasir Ris Farmway 1. So just drive straight in and keep going and head toward the Kids’ Kampong direction.

view from outside
Bridge table over a goldfish pond
Ample FREE parking
Sambal Kangkong
very nice mee goreng
bbq chicken wings
black pepper crabs. Promo of 4 crabs cooked anyway u like with a jug of beer for $48!
heard the curry fish head was good but can't eat anymore. so the kind souls at soulout cooked a bowl of gravy with lots of veg for me to try. very nice peranakan thick style of curry. excellent with rice and maybe you can bring your own baguette!
beer that comes with the promo!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Everything was lovely. The level of spiciness can be requested. So if you want your kangkong to be more spicy, do it. If you want your curry fish head to be more spicy, do it!

Portion: Average

Price: The whole meal came to about $70+ Pretty decent pricing really.

RTE: Yeah man, great place to chill out with some friends.

Location: 11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 Aquafauna Centre. Phone: 67477911
Mon – Thurs: 10:30 am – 1:00 am
Fri: 10:30 am – 3:00 am
Sat – Sun: 10:00 am – 3:00 am