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[MEDIA INVITE] House Of Peranakan Petit – Tiong Bahru, Singapore


House of Peranakan Petit is the latest addition not only to the House of Peranakan Group of Restaurants (www.houseofperanakan.com.sg) but also to the ever so popular Tiong Bahru region. Located at Eng Hoon Street, this little (no puns intended) 30-seater modern Peranakan restaurant is set to bring heritage food to an area surrounded by hipster cafes.

So a group of us bloggers and influencers are invited a couple of nights ago to sample some of their signature dishes and boy, they were awesome! Check out the pics below with comments and if you’re on instagram, check out hashtags #houseofperanakan and #houseofperanakanpetit for pics and comments by our foodie friends! You can also read the review for their main branch at Frankel Avenue here –> http://eatwithroy.com/2014/11/17/house-of-peranakan-cuisine-frankel-avenue-singapore/


Coming through the door
Petit it may be, but very cozy, painted in Peranakan green.
From the opposite side


Ginger Lemongrass or Pandan Tea ($5) – Very refreshing drinks to go with your food. Try the Lychee Tea (Not in pic) too on your second round like I did!
Cnodiments of sambal chilli and cinchalok to make your food tastier.
Ngoh Hiang ($12) – Very juicy minced pork, prawns, turnip, water chestnut and onions combi to make this dish a popular starter dish as well as takeaway to stock up at your home’s freezer!
Bob’s Pork Bun ($10 for 2pcs) – Another special dish for House of Peranakan Petit which is aka kong bak pau. The pork belly was so soaked up in the braised sauce that after the first bite, all of us fell in love with it! I was hoping for more actually! ;P
Otak Otak ($12) – This deep dish otak otak consist of more than 20 secret ingredients which Uncle Bob refuse to divulge even if I guessed correctly 10. Amazing dish!


Ayam Buah Keluak ($18) – Definitely one of the signature dishes here and a must-order for Peranakan food. A very tedious dish because of all tthe cleaning of the Indonesian black nut, digging out the insides of the nut, filling it back with the fillings fried with rempah of 7 ingredients which takes half a day to fry. General consensus was that this dish is a lot more tasty and flavourful than most places. Definitely a must-order here.
Scallops Lemak ($28) – This is currently only available at this outlet and was definitely a hit with the foodies. Fresh Japanese scallops cooked to perfection and douse in creamy peranakan lemak style. As mentioned on my instagram, I wallop the lettuce below as well cos they were soaked in the amazing sauce!
Sambal Fish ($16) – Fresh Selar fish fried till crispy with slit sides for rempah stuffings. The chilli sauce on top was so good that we were hoping House of Peranakan will bottle them and retail soon!
Babi Assam ($16) – An unique dish of pork belly with belimbing (sour fruit), beanpaste and spices, probably only available in House of Peranakan restaurants in Singapore. This dish apparently caught the attention of New Zealand’s Masterchef winner, Brett McGregor and he came all the way to Singapore just to learn from Bob, the boss of House of Peranakan! Love the tangy taste with the spices all in play. Yummy!


Gula Melaka Sago Pudding ($6.50) – Picture this… crafted exclusive coconut ice cream over soft and fragrant sago pudding, drizzled over with rich gula melaka. Continue to salivate…
Durian Chendol ($8.50) is also served with the crafted coconut ice cream and gula melaka sauce with a serving of lovely durian paste! Yums!
Pulut Hitam ($4.50) – Presented in coconut milk art and cooked to perfection. Hands are not mine but nice right? (Hands credit @msoinkee)
Ubi Kayu ($6) – Lovely tender tapioca balls coated with grated coconut and the right amount of sugar. I realised this is not very sweet which is awesome! No the hands are still not mine.

Rating: 5/5. 

Taste: Authentic Peranakan food at it’s best. 

Portion: Average. 

Service: Excellent service. 

Ambience: Felt really at home. That’s when food taste it’s best. 

Price: Slightly above average. 

RTE: Definitely!

Location: 42 Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 169785. Tel: +65 6222 1719. Lunch: 12-3pm, Dinner: 6-10pm (Closed on Tue). Credit cards accepted.

Web: http://www.houseofperanakan.com.sg | Facebook: www.fb.com/houseofperanakan | Instagram: @houseofperanakan


East Coast Lagoon (东海岸) – Shanghai, China


From the name you know it’s somewhat related to Singapore cuisine. This place took over the previous Lau Pa Sak restaurant and started not too long ago. I was there to have some Singapore food but realized they changed hands. Nevertheless, it’s still Singapore food! But isn’t 东海岸 known as East Coast Park? Hmmm…

Elongated space.
From where I sit
Food pics 1
Food pics 2
Food pics 3
Coffee Davidoff RMB22 – Very strong black coffee which I like. 🙂
Curry Puff RMB8 – Not nice. Pastry too thick and unlike Old Chang Kee’s pastry texture. However, the curry inside is really good! Hence wasted, it could be a lot better if the pastry was better.
Braised Duck Rice RMB35 – Duck meat was pretty ok and gave quite a lot. Yam rice was really good. Soup is clear and boiled with anchovies.
BBQ Sambal Mackerel RMB28 – I wanted to eat some fish as fish has a lot of bones in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province. Thought the fish would be small but no! It’s quite big and I had difficulty finishing it! Nicely charred on the skin and loads of sambal applied inside. See pic below.
Loads of sambal inside. Nice and spicy!
Just to show you how big the fish was.
On the flip side, also a lot of sambal rubbed inside the slit. Awesome!
Bill of RMB93. Very affordable. Will be back.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Pretty close to home and love the fish!

Portion: Above average.

Service: Not enthusiastic. Must remind them to top up water even though I placed the empty cup beside the aisle.

Ambience: Comfy and you won’t come out smelling like what  you ate.

Price: RMB93 in total. Around S$19.50.

RTE: I’ll probably would if I’m in Shanghai again! Haven’t try all their extensive menu offerings!

Location & Contacts: 3123弄程家桥支路1E (近虹梅路). Tel: +86 21 34687007.