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Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong @ Ipoh, Malaysia


Yes this is a coffee shop but not just the ordinary coffeeshop. This is the birth place of the famous Ipoh White Coffee located at the Old Town of Ipoh. The white coffee was started by this coffeeshop much earlier than the famous Old Town White Coffee many of you know. The latter is definitely more business minded as compared to Sin Yoon Loong, going into cafe franchising, instant coffee packs, and distribution to almost the whole of Asia. This coffeeshop however, insist on using manual frying of the coffee beans instead of automation and after tasting the coffee, I understand why they did not go into business expansions. The taste of the coffee I had that day, erased all other impressions of white coffee I had ever tasted. Such taste cannot be replicated in the form of 3-in-1 instant coffee packs. No way.

Directly opposite of its competitor
Coffeeshop business is always good...
The famous white coffee... The taste and aroma are very strong. The best thing is, even when I ordered the iced version, the taste doesn't differ from the hot one.
Yong Tau Foo noodle shop within the coffeeshop... you can actually order from the coffeeshop next door as well for food... not for drink though. 🙂
Quite good
What I chose for ingredients
Cheong Fun in 2 versions... the tube type and the flat sheets type.
Flat sheets type
Tube type with turnip and veg fillings inside... both types very nice... due to the water they use again... and the sauce is awesome too! RM$2.50
7.30am the roast pork stall opens... freshly roasted pork... can't resist!
Still warm when served. RM$3
Nice and sweet. RM$3.

Rating: 5/5. For both the food stalls inside as well as the coffee.

Taste: Do I need to say more?

Portion: Average

Price: Coffee is around RM$1.30 if I can remember clearly.

RTE: YES!!! Best for breakfasts!!!

Location: Old town… just behind their Little India. Again, every cab driver knows where this is.


陈光记烧味饭店 @ Macau City, Macau


Was in Macau last Dec for a visit and my HK friend highly recommended this place for roast meats. Which sets me thinking… Roast meats… HKger recommend… It must be blardy good right that even a HKger rave about that place?!?! So soon after we checked into our hotel, we headed to the place which is just opposite Macau Square Mall and just opposite the famous Margaret’s Cafe for Portuguese Egg Tarts which I will be writing later after this entry. So we took a cab and all you have to do is tell the cab driver “陈光记” (Pronounced as Chan Kwong Gay), everyone knows where it is because this place is super famous with the locals with loads of history behind it and at the same time, Macau is such a small country.

The Shop... Think they do deliveries if you stay around the vicinity.
Fwah!!! They were getting ready for dinner crowd... we were there around 4pm.
Shop ambience... very traditional but with aircon... didn't check the toilet... so maybe some of you may wanna comment after checking it out? ;P
Price List... The goose is pretty expensive... The duck is good enough though. HKD is WIDELY accepted in Macau. No need to change to Macau Dollars.
We ordered the duck and chicken. Quite good combination. The duck has a very nice roasted taste... quite different from the roasted ducks we eat in HK, China or SG. Very tasty I must say.
Check out the oil dressing they use... It's actually the oil from the duck with loads of spices and pepper. Then they drown the roasted duck with it before serving. Is this what they mean by drowning the duck in its own sauce? ;P
Char siew... can skip... too hard for my liking.
Located on this road... It's a very short side road, so go locate it. 😉

Rating: 4.5/5. Would be a 5 if not for the price. It’s quite pricey actually but if it’s good, then it’s worth a try!

Taste: Very nice and you gotta try it to know.

Portion: Below average. (That’s why I said pricey)

Price: Meal with drinks came up to about HKD$100.

RTE: Yes, on my next trip!

Location: Opposite Macau Square, on Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo Road.


聚宝乳鸽王 – 北京路,广州


When you come to Beijing Lu of Guangzhou, a shopping haven for most people except me (cannot find my size here lah), you have to try this famous roasted pigeon place more popularly known among the locals. I remembered the first time trying roasted pigeon at another place in Guangzhou, I was like why must I eat a pigeon?!?!?! I have chicken, duck and goose already, why pigeon?!?! After trying, then I know why. I thought, so small, where got meat? No lor, the meat is quite substantial when you have one whole pigeon yourself. And the best thing is, if done properly, it’s very tender and juicy.

It wasn’t difficult locating this restaurant which is on the 4th level of one really old and dirty building. Just have to ask around the locals or the security guards who are around the whole of Beijing Lu. the lift is on the 2nd floor and when you take the lift to the restaurant, the door opens to the restaurant immediately. As expected, it was crowded, so I had to share a table with a mother and daughter. I looked around for food samples and then ordered what I presumed to be good for my taste buds.

The signage inside the restaurant
See how crowded the place is... This is only on one side..
First up, order the tea of your choice. I just love making my own tea in a little tea pot and small cups. So traditional.
The main dish appeared first. A roasted pigeon cut into 2 halves. These are farmed pigeons btw. Not roadside ones. ;P
Succulently juicy and tender... love it much much... ;P
Xiao Long Bao... One of the other attraction there. Skin was thin and loads of fillings.
The way to eat Xiao Long Bao is, bite of the side and let the soup flow out onto the spoon, slurp up the soup, dip the bao into the black vinegar, add some of the ginger strips on top and whack the whole thing into your mouth!
Next up, steamed Carrot Cake.
See the amount of white radish strips inside. Quite a big serving which I had a hard time finishing it...
Lastly, Chan Chun Fun with pork ribs. Chan Chun Fun is like our Cheong Fun or hor fun... a bit mix in between lah. But it does not have taste on its own. It absorbs the sauce which it's cooked in. So usually in restaurants, they cook with XO sauce and in this case, steamed with pork ribs.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Very suitable for Asians. Cantonese cooking is usually quite heavy in taste. Hence this is pretty well done.

Portion: Above average.

Price: All that including the tea came up to RMB$66 only. Which is about SGD$13.20.

RTE: Yes, this coming November I’m bringing a group there. ;P

Location: Very near Lido Hotel. At the beginning of Beijing Lu on the right side. They ran out of cards when I asked for it.