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1980烧肉粽(中山路店) – Xiamen, Guangdong, China


As the name suggested, this place was founded in 1980 selling rice dumplings or bak zhang in SG terms. This place came highly recommended and since I was in Zhongshang Road, I went ahead to try their food.

Restaurant front
Restaurant front
“Queue up first, then place your orders” – Choose your ingredients for your noodles or soup.
Menu on the wall… Dunno how to read Chinese just ask or point. 🙂
Bak Zhang 加料肉粽RMB7 – Taste pretty ok but I still like the one in Singapore or Johor Bahru.
Inside the bak zhang
沙茶面 RMB$6 without any ingredients – A must try when in Fujian or Xiamen. But this place not famous for this. Hence so so only.
Pork Soup RMB$6 – Soup is not bad. At least no pork smell. Wanted to try the wonton soup but ran out.
五香 – This ngoh hiang is better than the one at 潮福城 but still SG one taste better. Maybe because I’m not a big fan of 80% lard inside and no liver.
拌面 – Typical Fujian staple of sesame paste sauce and noodles. This one is a little like Taiwanese influence, with sweet chilli sauce under it. Not bad in taste.

Rating: 4/5. 

Taste: 4/5. It’s a typical Xiamen or Minnan food eated by the locals. For me the taste is just ok only, nothing to shout about.

Portion: 3/5.

Service: Counter aunties are friendly. Self-service though.

Ambience: 3/5. You come out you smell of ngoh hiang…

Price: Very affordable. Less than RMB$30 per pax.

RTE: Maybe.

Location: 思明区中山路353号(近工人文化宫旧址). Tel: 0592-2032869