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Royal Noodle (皇帝面) – Raffles Place, Singapore


This newly opened noodle restaurant is the latest addition to Circular Road’s stretch of F&B outlets. Located somewhere in the middle of the stretch of shophouses, I must say the owners are pretty gutsy to just sell noodles where rental is really hefty. I really applause them for that. I met up with a fellow foodie at this place and wanna try what they have to offer. See pics below:


Lovely ambience with a little history of China


Choice of how you want your noodles to be done.


View from where we were sitting


Very unique bowl of rich broth noodles with minced meat, peanuts, etc and a serving of soy bean curd. Love the part when you scoop the bean curd with the soup and send it in your mouth… mmmm….


Love the noodles here… a little like ramen but it’s la mian according to the boss


Look who’s the happy one! 🙂


The side dishes are really yummy, served hot and crispy!


Look at how much filling is there in every fried wonton!


Each bowl is in the shape of an ingot, signifying the olden China, where noodles originated from.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: I chose the soup version while my friend took the spicy dry version. My soup was very tasty and rich, similar to the Szechuan dan dan noodles minus the sesame paste inside. Noodles were a little cross between ramen and Chinese la mian. Nevertheless every spoonful is full of flavour. The spicy dry version is spicy but not THAT spicy but generally should be spicy for many people. My friend liked it though.

Portion: The normal portioning is quite good. Just nice for me.

Service: Self-service.

Ambience: Comfy, aircon environment.

Price: S$9.50 per set of noodles with runny yolk egg.

RTE: Could be because I’ve tasted a lot of better noodles in China, I will return only when I’m around that area.

Location: 27 Circular Road. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri – 11.30am to 2.30pm, 10pm to 4am. Sat – 10pm to 4am. https://www.facebook.com/royalnoodle

花丸乌冬面 – Suzhou, China


Never been a big fan of udon noodles cos I prefer thinner noodles like ramen or any fine noodles per se. Nevertheless, I was at this mall to reward myself for losing 22kgs to date (http://wp.me/p3Hprw-2Q) and wanted to have some noodles to curb my cravings. Couldn’t find a proper ramen restaurant, hence went for this instead. They have an ordering process which I thought was quite canteen style, which is, get in the line on the left, take a tray, take what you want and order your noodles at the last station, then pay for your food, then head to the sauces station to mix the sauce you like for the side dishes and perhaps your noodles and also equip yourself with the big wooden ladle-spoon-thingy. Then you find a seat to wallop your noodles! See my comments below for the food with the pictures.

Restaurant front
this is where you collect your tray and pick the fried side dishes you want to eat with your udon.
then go down this line to pick other sides like salads, sea kelp,
This is where you order your udon and pay on the right side of this station
Behind the scene are 2 workers making fresh udon and in front is the sauces station and free cold water on the right
白玉牛肉乌冬面 – The noodles are tasty as it is, no need to add extra sauce. RMB28
Fried chicken pieces (RMB8) and squid tentacles (RMB6).
This kelp is really nice and tasty RMB8

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Noodles are springy and very tasty without being too salty. No need to add extra sauces. I ordered the cold version and really good. Side dishes are warm and still crispy and the kelp is really awesome! You can ask for a bowl of hot soup as the noodles is dry version.

Portion: Average. Noodles are around 250-300grams. But filling enough for me actually.

Service: Excellent. The staffs there will educate all blur first time customers like me the ordering process. Only set back is they sweep the floor at the areas where customers are still eating… dust do fly you know?

Ambience: It’s alright, standard cafe style.

Price: Total bill came up to RMB50 which is pretty affordable.

RTE: Yup definitely would at one of my reward days!

Location: 久光百货 basement 1.

Chalon Cafe 沙龙餐厅 – Shanghai, China


Surprisingly I got to eat such good ramen inside airports. So good I finished all the soup! The broth itself is amazingly thick and full of flavor! Wow! Check out the pics below:

Pork Rib Ramen… Check out the broth!!!
Ice Latte without the ice to dilute the coffee.
Soup finished!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Was very tasty. Pork rib a tad salty though but it is the result of soaking in sauces

Portion: Slightly above average.

Service: The one serving is pleasant and nice. The rest I don’t know.

Ambience: As per all China airport cafes, average decor.

Price: RMB60 for ramen, RMB40 for ice latte

RTE: Yes, whenever flying back to Singapore!

Location: Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal 1, towards Gates 1-28.


譚仔云南米缐@Wan Chai, Hong Kong


I was in Hong Kong recently and noticed this little eatery near the hotel I was staying with crowds almost every time when I walk pass. So I decided to check out what the heck they are selling. Basically they have different types of noodles, with a basic clear broth, then you can choose to make it 麻辣, 酸辣 or 煳辣 (Ma La Spicy, Sourish Spicy or Peppery Spicy) then you choose your ingredients from the beef/pork/fish balls to bean skins, black fungus, mushrooms, vegetables, meat, etc. The broth looks plain at first but the taste is really good! Check it out:

Signboard with a typical face of the founder... very common sight in HK eateries.
This is taken at 9pm+... still have many people eating there...
The base broth with my choice of ramen noodles.
My choice of Ma La Soup with loads of veg. Looks plain right? But the broth is really good and very very spicy.
Check out the amount of ingredients.
Mid-section wings. 3pcs for HKD$18. Very very nice... basically every table has this for side dish cos it's so good!
Not very cheap, about SGD$10 for the meal. But portion is big so it's alright.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Very nice and tasty. But spicy. Becareful.

Portion: Above average.

Price: Total HKD$56.

RTE: Yes I would but if I’m there I rather save my stomach for the beef brisket nearby.

Location: 香港湾仔道205号地下. Tel: 28363118.