Jean Pierre Sancho Cafe – Perth City, Australia

Was here on my second day in Perth after my grueling first day at the coffee school. It was a Sunday so many places were closed. I spotted this place while driving and all really by chance. So I parked the rented car on the side of the road and went into the cafe to place my order. To my surprise, this cafe has many awards for their bakery and also some business of the year for 2012. Rating: 4/5. Taste: Pretty good but could be better if they can heat up for us. The raisin and croissant were good! … Continue reading Jean Pierre Sancho Cafe – Perth City, Australia

Chalon Cafe 沙龙餐厅 – Shanghai, China

Surprisingly I got to eat such good ramen inside airports. So good I finished all the soup! The broth itself is amazingly thick and full of flavor! Wow! Check out the pics below: Rating: 5/5. Taste: Was very tasty. Pork rib a tad salty though but it is the result of soaking in sauces Portion: Slightly above average. Service: The one serving is pleasant and nice. The rest I don’t know. Ambience: As per all China airport cafes, average decor. Price: RMB60 for ramen, RMB40 for ice latte RTE: Yes, whenever flying back to Singapore! Location: Shanghai Pudong Airport Terminal … Continue reading Chalon Cafe 沙龙餐厅 – Shanghai, China

Taipan Spa – Shanghai, China

Ah ha, you must wondering why I’m writing about a spa all of the sudden right? Well my friends in Shanghai and myself love going to this place for a nice foot and body massage once a while, and the best thing is, the food and beverages there are all complimentary and it’s free flow! 😉 Check out some of the selections below: Rating: 4/5. Taste: Generally quite good… Great place to hang out with friends over a massage with food! Portion: Below average. Suppose to be a snack but if not enough, just order again lor! Price: Average around … Continue reading Taipan Spa – Shanghai, China

胡须张 Formosa Chang – Taipei, Taiwan

Friends who frequent Taipei will know this name. In direct translation is Beard Zhang. This is not a pub or an attraction. It’s actually a well known economical rice value packs takeaways (便当), which is almost everywhere in Taipei… and expanding outwards. Came highly recommended by a friend (Thanks Elaine!), so I had to try this on my 2nd day in Taipei! This is great for those stuck in the hotel rooms cos of bad weather or too lazy to go out. 🙂 They started from just doing these value packs and now they have dishes so you can just … Continue reading 胡须张 Formosa Chang – Taipei, Taiwan

牛轧堂 (Beef Noodles) – Taipei, Taiwan

Went to Kunming Street as I was recommended the best beef noodles at 牛店 which is just across from this shop that I’m writing about but they do not open in the afternoon after 2.30pm and reopens only at 5.30pm. I guess their business must be damn good cos they were busy preparing for that night’s business. Hence no choice, I crossed the street and spotted another beef noodles shop. The deco looks neat and decent and the boss of the place warmly welcomed us to take a seat upstairs after we placed our orders. Video of the tenderness of … Continue reading 牛轧堂 (Beef Noodles) – Taipei, Taiwan


I promise to write about this for friends. If you happen to stay in this hotel like I did, and it happen to rain heavily or you happen to feel very tired and don’t feel like moving your ass to anywhere, you should really check out the food at the coffee house below. I was having a lunch meeting one of the days at the coffee house located at the same lobby of Bangkok City Hotel. Well, it is not a distinctively coffee house but when you approach the staff at the front office, they will get someone to … Continue reading BANGKOK CITY HOTEL COFFEE HOUSE @ BANGKOK