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XING HUA RESTAURANT @ 276 Race Course Road


Was introduced to this place by a friend of mine. It’s located at the corner of a corner coffeeshop. The place is really old and not to mention dirty… maybe I got my LS from here after that night…

My friend chose a good seat for me to takc pics but at the mercy of the girl who is helping out in the stall… trust me, it’s a bad choice… as per all Xing Hua people, they talk very loud… this girl’s voice is high pitch shrill and loud! And we were so close to the stall some more… sigh…

The Stall... Yes, that's the girl with the super high pitch shrill voice which I believe some of my friends would have strangled her...
Very simple menu because most of the food is up to you to order... if you are a Xing Hua person, you would know what to order!
The famous Fried Mackerel, otherwise known as Batang Fish. One of my favourite fish when I was young. Grandma use to fry like that and eat it with plain porridge. At $2.50 a piece, the fish is fresh and tangy. Very very nice!
Next up was this veg with the multi-layered bean skin... Thought I can only eat that bean skin in steamboat restaurants in china only... very simple and nice dish as well! For only $6.00!
Lala or clams fried in garlic wine sauce. Very tasty and an alternative way of frying it... usually at Tse Char stalls, they fry with sambal. but according to my friend, she said this time is a little watery. Could it be they are not fresh and hence have more juice after frying it? hmmm... $8.00 per plate.
Fried Bee Hoon... Don't mind the presentation but taste is quite good. Even nicer with the Lala sauce. Only $3.50 for the small plate. There are prawns, veg, clams, and braised pork.
Lor Mee! Not your usual colour for lor mee... taste is like noodles soup lor... nicer with the black vinegar. Same ingredients as the fried beehoon. $3.50 per bowl only!

Rationg: 4/5. (Cleanliness can be greatly improved!!!)

Taste: Very nice. Maybe because it’s dirty hahaha… Heard the cook inside sneezing very loudly.. lucky our food done cooking already! ;P

Portion: Slightly above average.

RTE: Perhaps…

Price: Total bill only $26.00 for 2 persons.

Location: 276 Race Course Road. Park illegally along the sides of the road or at the multi-storey carpark.