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Goodicious – Upper Paya Lebar, Singapore


Intro:I was looking for durians at The Durian Story located at Prestige Point along Upper Paya Lebar Road when the owner Jonathan shared with me about this Goodicious place. Goodicious is just opened in February 2017 and located in this Gourmet House coffeeshop which personally I would not have visited if not for leads. Chef Yaoyi spent a good 8 years in hotels learning the robes to better western culinary and decided to venture on his own to experience managing his own F&B outlet. Well Big Roy is always very supportive of young entrepreneurs especially hawkers!

Store front

Grilled Pork Burger ($7.50) 

Takes the longest to cook but definitely worth the wait. Juicy and well seasoned. Yums!

Pulled Pork Nacho Cheese Fries ($5)

The pulled pork is very well seasoned and slow cooked over 8 hours. Super yummy side to order!

Creamy Truffle & Bacon Pasta ($8). Lovely creaminess to this carbonara pasta with generous bacon and mushroom bits sautéed inside. Filled with truffle aroma when arrived at the table.

Cod Fish & Chips ($8.50). The most expensive item on the menu for now, I totally love the crispness of the batter and the smart choice of Cod fish instead of the mushy Dory. Love it!

Promotion of March 2017, Pork Chop ($8). May be permanently in the menu thereafter cos this is a super dope dish!

Soaked in brine marinate over 24hrs to attain the tenderness which literally melted in our mouths. Black pepper sauce is also customed in-house and you can taste anywhere else using such freshly grounded black pepper. Imma heading there again this month in case it’s gone!

My foodie friends and myself have tried 5 of their items and overall we felt was so worth the price we paid and the food was much better than expected! See the pics above for descriptions.


As indicated above.




Order and pay at counter and find a seat.

Waiting Time:

10-15 mins




416 Upper Paya Lebar Road. Parking is not available there so better to Uber there.


See https://www.facebook.com/Goodicious/

The Oven Cafe Bistro – Paya Lebar, Singapore


You guys probably know I’ve been writing about food since 2009 and the aim has always been to drive traffic to less known places, on top of media invites of course. 🙂 To date, I am still doing that and even organise small food tasting events to help in publicity. With the help of my blogger/instagrammer friends, we collectively delivered what we were suppose to do in hope of impact and attention to these F&B outlets. All these are for FREE but recently I’ve been accused with many ugly words and not appreciative of my efforts, which I shall not discuss here. Like I said before, I’ll only help owners who wanna help themselves. But what’s my reward you may ask? Very simple; seeing the establishment do well, that’s reward for me. Don’t believe? Only time will tell. But whatever it is, I’ll still continue to help as much as I can. Such things can’t put me down. 

The Oven Cafe Bistro is a little cafe bistro place located at The Commerze @ Irving, 1 Irving Place, which is amongst an industrial area. The ground floor shops are currently all F&B outlets and the ones doing well are probably the hipster ones. 

I came to know about The Oven from another foodie friend who was telling me about this place. She has previously packed the pasta for me before to my coffee bar to let me try. I was surprised with the taste and decided I should pay them a visit. 


Whole row all F&B… competition is very intense!
I managed to talk to the owner chef James himself and found out that he used to be working in the pharmaceutical industry and quit from the corporate world about a year ago to start learning culinary skills from tse char places as kitchen hands and even took up the course at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Passion drove him to start The Oven in Jan 2015, serving mainly Italian staples (pastas & pizzas) and occasional favorites of his. They also have a variety of beers, mainly for the afternoon/evening crowds. James puts in a lot of work preparing his ingredients and even hand-rolls the pizza bases from scratch, so much so that he has little sleep. Really hope he finds a good helper soon! 


Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo ($13). Chicken thigh meat is baked to a very juicy tenderness while the skin has a really nice crisp! Reminds me of the Healthy Chicken Set from Cafe Don’s in Shanghai. Spaghetti is nice and springy, a good balance of parmesan and butter. Yummy!


Mushroom Soup – Not on the menu then, but I was asked to try. Love the generous usage of mushrooms which I believe is a combination of 2-3 mushrooms. Looks creamy but I believe no cream was used. Love the aroma and taste. This should be on the menu soon, I reckon the price I’m guessing should be around $4-$5.50 per serving. 🙂
Was treated to a damn awesome Ham Pizza ($9). Dough is handrolled and made totally in-house!
See this thin crust pizza, so think but doesn’t soak through. Now that’s some skills!

Tandoori Chicken ($10). Chunks of juicy chicken thigh meat coated with tandoori spices and lemon juice. Very nice but I felt the chicken pieces should be charred a little to bring out more of the tandoori flavour. Let’s hope I’ll get to try the better version the next time I visit! 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5. 

Taste: Food in general taste good. Some fine tuning definitely but with the level of passion from James, I believe they will make it. 🙂
Portion: If you have a bigger appetite like mine, you can request for more spaghetti! Pizzas are about 8″ in width, great for one person or sharing dish. Tandoori Chicken is a generous portion. 

Service: Chef James is a passionate host too. Provided he’s not busy cooking. 🙂

Ambience: Dim lights, comfy, music of all sorts looping. 

Price: See pics.

RTE: Yes definitely!

Location: 1 Irving Place #01-22 The Commerze @ Irving. Check out https://www.facebook.com/theovencafebistro for opening hours. 

***PROMO – From now till end June 2015, order a main dish, show this blog post, and you’ll get a soup free!! ***