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Chiang Rai Day 5


Day 5 is a day when I was heading back to Singapore. But before that, I had to visit my favorite coffee house one more time ‘cos I dunno when I’ll be back again! But one thing for sure, I’ll definitely be back with foodie friends soon! See the video below!

Fresh Meat Moon Cakes (鲜肉月饼) – Shanghai, China


I definitely need to share this with all my readers here. To maybe all Asians in Southeast Asian countries, moon cakes are probably known to us as those round sweet lotus seed filling cakes that we eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival… But in these parts from Shanghai and up north of China, these meat pies are known as moon cakes to them. And the best part is, they are in sale all year round! One of my colleagues bought for me when I was working in Shanghai and this is really awesome! Check out the pics!

Box packaging
6 in a box
Fill with loads of minced pork
See how juicy the meat is… pastry is also very flaky!
Address of shop… Sorry for the flakes on top… was munching these moon cakes while taking this pic… couldn’t resist!

Rating: 5/5. 

Taste: Really awesome. Once you start, you can’t stop at one…

Portion: The pork fillings inside are filled to the brim of the cake. Wholesome is the word!

Service: It’s a takeaway shop, long queue everyday, service ok only.

Ambience: N.A.

Price: RMB3.50 each… maybe price increased.

RTE: If I’m in that area I would pack one box!

Location: See last pic.



Margaret’s Café é Nata @ Macau City, Macao


After some roast meats at 陈光记, we just cross the road and got into a little back alley-like place and there you find the most talked about place, Margaret’s Cafe. This place is famous for the Portuguese Egg Tarts… hence I must at least try it and prolly compare it with the KFC ones and the ones back home. So here is what I’ve found out.

The dark little alley just opposite of 陈光记
Then you will see this out of nowhere... This was taken at 5+pm
Signage... took while queueing... be prepared to queue for at least 20 mins.
Opening Hours
The lady in charge of the egg tarts... she's the busiest and had to station there permanently.
The fridge full of cheese cakes... should have tried but was too full and making stomach space for the egg tarts. The lady here is Margaret. Yes, the boss... and super grumpy looking.
Finally got my egg tarts after queueing for about 20mins+
Very soft inside and watch your lips... It's super hot.
Me munching away...
Queue at 6.15pm... still as long and never stops... They close at 6.30pm. Was lucky to get a seat... just have to wait for one but some people literally camp there...

Rating: 4/5. Loss marks in grumpy lady boss and taste.

Taste: Ok the taste of the eggy part is ok… Not too sweet. But then again, pastries like these that is served hot from the oven is deifnitely nice. Just like cakes, buns or even curry puff. The pastry however failed my standards cos even though they are piping hot, and there were still hard parts in the flakes. Unlike those in KFC, very flaky and soft. One bite and it’s nice and smooth. The hard parts are prolly due to the pastries were hand rolled… hence the layers are uneven. Other than that, really nothing special.

Portion: Average

Price: HKD$7.00 each(If I can remember correctly)

RTE: Only if friends I meet in Macau who wants to go and try. Like I said, I don’t mind trying the cheese cakes though.

Location: Enter Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo Road, immediately on the right you find the alley on my first picture.