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Katong Fried Oyster (加東劉記蠔煎) – Bedok, Singapore


Haha bedok again. This stall of Fried Oyster is worth mentioning ‘cos the way they fry it is the right way for that awesome crisp on the outside. Have you tried this before?

The stall
The stall
Nice crisp on the outside and soft gooey texture inside. Very nice, reminds me of the taste I had when I was young.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Reminds me of the traditional taste since young. Well done! Non-Halal.

Portion: Average.

Service: Ok

Ambience: N.A

Price: $4.00

RTE: Yeah!

Location: #01-52 Bedok Interchange Food Centre.

Fried Oyster Stall #01-53 – Maxwell Market, Singapore


I was at Maxwell Market recently and was craving for some Fried Oyster when I spotted this stall #01-53. This is a One-Man-Operation stall apparently sells everything that is hawker fried…

The no name stall offering all the fried foods!

So I thought the food shouldn’t be that bad right? I was so wrong. The fried oyster is all chunked up and soggy. And above all, had to wait for 15 mins and paid $6 for a miserable plate. So the saying must be right… Jack of all trades, master of none?

See all the lumps!
See the lumpy flour which was terribly hard to eat.

I’m sharing this so that none of my readers will be conned by such poor culinary. For $6 I believe I should be getting at least better Fried Oyster than this!