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老天禄卤味 – Taipei, Taiwan


If you’re heading to Taipei, you need to try this. This is a traditional shop selling really awesome braised foodstuff since the 50s. To be honest, I didn’t know about this place and I believe not many tourists know as well. I happened to chance upon this place while in Ximending. I was wondering why so many people are in this shop all the time! So I decided to check it out…

Big bright signage you can't miss
Big bright signage you can’t miss
Always full of people
Look at all that wings and parts all well braised….
Mushroom Balls…. Very Q and tasty!
Duck gizzard…. Nice and soft…
Nicely braised without over cooking

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: The flavor soaks through the meats and foodstuff. They have many types from poultry to beanstuff. Their best sellers are duck tongue (which I passed) and duck wings. They carry pineapple tarts and crispy pork in their shop too. The sun cake is nice too! They even have pre-packs for souvenirs!

Portion: N.A.

Price: Cheap I must say. For example, chicken wing is only TWD$20 (S$0.80) and duck wings are TWD$27 (S$1.08).

RTE: Yeah!!! I didn’t have stomach space left to try all their stuff!!!

Location: One and only stall in Ximending. 台北市武昌街二段55号. Opening hours: 0930-2200hrs. Check their online store at www.lautianlu.com.tw.


明记牛杂美食 @ Macau City,Macau


It is pretty difficult to tell you the location of this current place. It’s a push cart stall and located at the end of 手信街 in Macau City. Maybe when you are there, just ask around and people will direct you there. Not a very big place to start with. But be prepared to queue…

The stall... check out the queue...
Only the couple at the stall and super busy
Got newspaper clipping some more... haha
Located directly opposite of this old pawn shop which became a museum... very near senado square.
All ta pao... the taste is awesome. All the different parts of the cow inside... I also don't wanna ask, just eat.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Very hard to describe. You’ll know the sauce has been boiling over the years to have this very strong and full flavour. Try to know.

Portion: Average.

Price: Didn’t pay for it but I reckon it’s very affordable.

RTE: Depends on who I’m with… Some people don’t eat beef and some of those who eat, eats only the meat. Lungs, heart, tongue, liver, etc… may not be everyone’s favourite.

Location: Get on 手信街(Souvenir Street) in Macau City, and ask around for 明记牛杂(Ming Kee Beef Parts.) 😉