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WICKED The Musical – Mastercard Theatres, Singapore


Last night’s WICKED The Musical was an experience which many describe as an extraordinary. I will not write about the story line here cos it will spoil your night if you’re watching. But I’ll give a general review of it.


Very interesting story line cos wickedness was not present with the casts that I would have thought. There were a lot of discoveries along the way cos I didn’t read about the reviews prior, so it was the right choice. But after the intermission, it was a little draggy and the old man in me started to feel restless. Luckily I didn’t doze off or else whole theatre can hear me snore! Whole musical was 3 hours including intermission of 15 mins! Ended at 11pm thereabouts!


The casts all acted and sang very well even the smaller acts. The main casts obviously were awesome and I was very impressed by their vocal powers! So captivating! Ladies would love the male lead. Voice was smooth and swooning!


Mastercard Theatres has extremely good acoustics and sound projections. BUT, the seats are seriously uncomfortable and not suitable for a long performance like this. It was also pretty warm last evening, temperature control is bad. I was literally feeling hot throughout the show. Ladies, forget about your shawl or cardigans, you’ll appreciate carrying lesser things into the theatre.


Check out http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/wicked1116s?cid=RTB-wicked1116s for show times and prices.
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Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy 😋