Was at this area for some training and noticed that there is a coffeeshop there at the ground floor of 261 Waterloo Centre, facing the Dance Ensemble Centre there. Most stalls were closed already by the time we finished our training at 6.30pm. So we just ordered whatever there is. So we tried the Nasi Bryani and the Indian Rojak. Rating: 4/5. Presentation is really bad. But food is worth the mention. Taste: This bryani is really not bad. Reason is, they cooked it traditionally. Meaning, they cook the meat together with the rice so that the juices of the … Continue reading SAJIS INDIAN FOOD @ 261 WATERLOO CENTRE


Another value for money nasi padang store spotted at Roxy Square in an indoor coffeshop. I’m there every month for my haircut and this stall is new. So I tried their food and these are the pics: Rating: 4/5 Taste: Quite good for its price Portion: Above average Price: $4.00 only for my plate. RTE: Yeah I guess so… I go there for my haircut anyways. 🙂 Location: Roxy Square I , Katong(The older building) Continue reading ANDIKA’S NASI PADANG @ ROXY SQUARE


If you’re at Mega Mall @ Mid Valley Malaysia, you may have a lot of choices for food. So I decided to give this Madam Kwan’s a try and I was in for some surprise… Click to enlarge pics. Rating: 4.5/5. Service not too good. Quite a shame cos they have many branches in KL and food is pretty good. Taste: Very good. High class Malaysian local cuisine lah… But it’s good. Portion: Average. Extra rice will cost you… forgot to take a look at the price. Price: Total abo0ut RM$40+ for 2. RTE: For the Nasi Lemak and I … Continue reading MADAM KWAN’S @ MEGA MALL

Nain Food Stall (#01-07 Sims Place Food Centre)

Funny I have not featured this stall. I’ve been to this Malay mixed rice stall for the longest time and just love the taste of the food here. They are not good in those nice nice food presentation but the taste of the assam pedas over the rice… I tell you, is authentic! Best thing is, it is spicy enough and not overly spicy. Love it. Must have in my nasi padang plate are Assam Stingray, Sambal Goreng (mix of long beans, bean curd and tempeh) and Sambal Dried Mussels. Rating: 4/5 (A tad too expensive for some but then again, most Nasi Padang stalls … Continue reading Nain Food Stall (#01-07 Sims Place Food Centre)