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[Media Invite] The Manhattan FISH MARKET – Marina Square, Singapore


Wow I didn’t know time past by so quickly. It has been almost 6 months since I’ve last reviewed on The Manhattan FISH MARKET (MFM). You can read about the previous blog entry here (http://eatwithroy.com/2014/11/12/the-manhattan-fish-market-kallang-singapore/). Anyways was recently at another new launch of MFM and this time they launched A Beefier Catch, which features 4 new beef and reef entrees, in an effort to spruce up the older menu and gearing up to the coming Mothers’ Day. Check out the new dishes below:

Oven Baked Beef Rib & Grilled Ocean Perch ($25.95) – The beef rib is marinated with many herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, oregano, garlic, french mustard, etc. and served with homemade brown sauce with black pepper. The Perch is lightly seasoned and grilled and served with salad on the sides. This entree is definitely for those with a bigger appetite. Rib can be a little more tender though.
Flaming the prawns before serving…
Before serving this Oven Baked Beef Rib & Flaming Prawns ($23.95). Same beef rib as above, prawns are fresh and sweet.
Handmade Beef Patty & Bouillabaisse ($16.95). Juicy marinated beef patty sitting on half an oregano bun, which simulated an island. Beef patty was a little salty for me, which I have feedbacked on. The ‘island’ is surrounded in a sea of lovely broth of squid, mussels and Dory fish. This is perhaps my favourite for the night and mum would love this.
Handmade Beef Patty & Tempura Prawns ($15.95). Same beef patty as the above, love the prawns with tangy sauce which I ate separately on its own first.
Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter ($38.95-$43.95). Price differs from the type of fish you choose. But it will be accompanied by oysters, calamari, battered fish fillets. A definite must-order sharing entree for seafood lovers!
Manhattan Mud Pie ($5.95) – Gooey choc ice cream with Oreo choc crust drizzled with rich choc sauce. Definitely the better dessert selection.
Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice Cream ($7.95) – Hot plate, crispy bananas, ice cream on top and poured over with coconut cream. Then watch it sizzle right in front of your eyes. 🙂 Great way to end the night.

Overall Review: 

Without a doubt, MFM is definitely good with their seafood and I just love the freshness. Having beef option as a promotion is a refreshing idea but I wish they would not lose focus in what they do best, which is seafood. Nevertheless, the event was great, food was good and service was excellent. Go try their Beef & Reef promotion from now till 31st May 2015 at any of their 16 outlets Singapore-wide. You may also wanna stay tuned to their Mothers’ Day specials on their FB page –> www.facebook.com/MFMSingapore

The Manhattan FISH MARKET – Kallang, Singapore


Recently another media invite to The Manhattan FISH MARKET (MFM) at their latest location at Kallang Wave by Ninemer PR PL (Thanks Ying Ying!). My second time to this unusual mall beside Singapore’s brand new Sports Hub. The restaurant is located on the outside of the mall, but pretty nearby the MRT station, hence it isn’t really hard to find. Arrived earlier than the rest of the media, I managed to capture some pics of this new outlet.

Yes I was very early and punctual as usual. ;P
Interesting signage pole.
Cute signs on the walls.

MFM will be launching their new menu today, 12 November 2014, of 43 new items, in all their 16 outlets Singapore-wide! A very massive change but innovative at the same time. Check out the pics below with my comments.


Our menu for that day, the star dishes from the 43 new items on the new menu.
Welcome drink of Happiness Infusion ($6.00). Very nice concoction of predominantly earl grey tea base infused with lemongrass.
My Lemon Grass drink is here. The taste is a little different from the usual Thai ones. Acquired taste. 🙂
MFM staff serving us the first starter of Oyster Roulette.
Oyster Roulette ($7.95) – is actually a game for the patrons. One of the oyster shooters are actually more spicy that the others. So see who has better luck that night!
Ocean Gems ($5.95) – Starter of shrimps and scallions mixed in a tangy dressing which one look I thought was Thai dressing but it is sweet and not spicy. Pretty ok starter.
Onion Glory ($7.95) – Another starter which will change the way you think about onions… especially for those who hates them. Crispy battered onions which resembles petals dipped in the special Onion Glory dip (creamy texture like mayonnaise/tartar sauce). Very appetizing dish!
My second drink of Citrus Mint ($5.50) – A very refreshing concoction of fresh mint leaves and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Love this drink!
Media from many places


Curry Hill Seafood With Slipper Lobster ($16.95) – MFM’s first ever curry entree inspired by Murray Hill in Manhattan and the Murray curry has a really nice balance between the spices and creaminess. Not too spicy and very suitable for children learning to take curry. The seafood inside was fresh but the slipper lobster was a little overcooked to my liking. Nevertheless, MFM have taken note and will balance the cooking timing for the assortment of seafood inside. Served with toasted baguette and tempura veggies. A must try!
Fishy Chicky Bang Bang ($13.95) – This is a new creation of Surf n’ Turf with a piece of dory and chicken fillet sandwiched and sealed with cheddar cheese. When I cut the piece of awesomeness, cheese just flowed out… just like lava cheese on your main dish! Very yummy and one of their star dishes!
Check out the cheese flowing out… Yums!
Egg’s nest made from deep fried spaghetti… Too hard for eating, but I ate half. ;P
Serving staff preparing the next entree… Yes, real flames! A twist to conventional baked rice!
Tada! Flaming Cheeesy Baked Rice ($15.95) – Yes the extra ‘e’ is on purpose! A big piece of flamed grilled dory fillet with spices of coriander and rosemary herb rice, this dish literally flames up in front of your eyes! Really very nice entree and great to entice kids to like fish!
Ocean Perch Perfect ($15.95) – Grilled Perch on buttered rice and some spicy chilli sauce on top. Not that spicy actually and quite yummy! Think my mum would love this one.


Strawberry Flamin-Go $4.95 (Right) and Super Fruit Crumble $4.95 (Left) – Between these 2 desserts, I prefer the left one more. Just feel that the mango cubes and custard didn’t gel that nicely with the chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cup. I believe the marshmallows were suppose to be flamed on top but it was alright without. The Super Fruit Crumble was really nice, double scoop ice cream with apple sauce and the crunchy crumbles and dried cranberries adds to the lovely taste. That’s something I would have had a second helping!
Ended the tasting session with a latte, the 2 dots on top indicates it’s from an automatic coffee machine, which most restaurants are using.


MFM’s efforts in revamping their menu is really gonna be a stunner to all their customers. In a very good way of course. The new menu offers very exciting and tantalizing entrees and desserts, which some I would wanna try but wasn’t in the list they served. I reckon they had to present their best few items for the media to try, and 43 items is just too much for us to take in one night. 😉 Put it this way, I am so gonna bring my mother to one of their outlets one of these nights and order the grilled fish or grilled platter dishes which I believe she will love. Well done MFM! No wonder these guys are the Parents World Best Family Friendly Restaurant Award winner 2014 and Best Brand in Product Branding in 2008 under Western Food Cuisine By Brand Laureate SMEs Chapters Awards! Check out their latest promotional video here: