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串王 @ Yuen Long, NT,HK


This is another little shop I’ve discovered in Yuen Long… When it’s peak hour, you will see a crowd there patiently waiting for the lady to get their orders ready. Surprisingly, only 1 person is manning the store and she alone can manage so many BBQ pits! So I decided I should try what’s the big hoo ha is all about…

Business is damn good...
Check out the selection of meats and veg for BBQ... Yummmms!
My samples... haha... Ta bao back to try them... The aroma is out of this world!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: The difference between the BBQ here and China is that this one has a lot of different flavours. Each meat is seasoned differently unlike the BBQs in China, all same tasste and using the same seasoning from Xinjiang. In general, all meats are pretty tasty… Talking about this makes me salivate only… damn…

Portion: Thick and juicy… good size.

Price: The whole batch I ordered is about HKD$70 which is around SGD$12.


Location: Along the same street as the fishball place. Just opposite only. If can’t find, follow the aroma! 🙂