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An Effort Worth Mentioning…


Hi eatwithroy friends!

I was chatting with a friend recently about doing charities and that we should do what we can within our means to help others in need. Then I found out that she is in the bedding business which is providing quality mattresses at much lower costs than your regular superstores. I’ve compared the prices and true enough, theirs are a lot cheaper. This is possible by not having a physical store where tenants will be slaves to their landlords. Trust me, you see the prices, you’ll be like banging your head on the wall if you have just gotten yours. ;P

Why I’m bringing this up is because they are doing this free mattress program for the less fortunate since last year and have helped many poor families to have proper mattresses to sleep well at night (http://beds.sg/blog/index.php/category/free-mattress-program). But the sad thing is, there are bogus ‘poor’ people who applied for the program and later found out to be of well off status. It’s disgusting to know such truth but there are people like that living amongst us in Singapore and I hope they will be ripped off in many other ways!

Nevertheless, Beds.sg’s effort to give back to society within their means is definitely worth mentioning on my blog and FB. If any of you know such families in need, please refer them to this page http://www.beds.sg/free-mattress-program.

For those who are looking for bedding or home furnishing, you can check out their site at http://www.beds.sg. Put it this way, if I’m not leaving for Shenzhen and I have my a place on my own, I would be getting the following which is highly recommended for big guys like me ;P:

1. Mattress – http://www.beds.sg/mattress/maxcoil/maxcoil-orthopedic-ultra-firm-foam-mattress.html

2. Bed – http://www.beds.sg/beds/faux-leather-beds/dalton-faux-leather-platform-bed-frame.html

3. Study Chair – http://www.beds.sg/study-room/study-chairs/hans-tall-back-swivel-chair.html

You can also call them up to ask them for their recommendations. So show your support my friends, to help those who are already helping the less fortunate people around us!

With Gratitude,

Big Roy