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Cafes & Eateries In Melbourne Day 5


Began Day 5 in Melbourne by heading out early in the morning to return my rented car as I was heading to Philip Island with my friends the next day in a bigger car. Today was the day that I walked so much, that I injured my right foot. You see, Melbourne City is such a nice place by foot, you just keep going without realising how much you’ve walked! I reckon I did about 10-ish kilometers that day! Anyways, check out the pics below:

What a lovely day to walk!
Lovely back alleys
Can you spot the red signage?
There you go! Krimper!
Love the rustic look!
The original Guildford Street sign?
This used to be a factory/warehouse…
This sofa and the table cabinets are original Krimper furniture!
This is the original lift used for the warehouse. Now it’s like a private suite for couples!
Hi babe!
Lovely green cups on a white La Marzocco.
My latte. Beans from Proud Mary, very nice and smooth.

Krimper Cafe

Experience: Krimper Café is located at a very small alley right smack in Melbourne city, in between La Trobe St and Londale St. I had to circle like 3 rounds to find the location and parking. Parking is along La Trobe St or Queen St, then you’ll have to walk in to locate Guildford Lane. Once you see a little red signage, that’s them. I totally love the ambience, the whole feel of the place is really great. Hispter-like, but then again they do respect the environment they are in and tried using back the furniture that were manufactured at this same location under the branding Krimper. Yes, this used to be a factory/warehouse for Krimper furniture. I was greeted by a lovely service staff who introduced me to the place and the things around the café. The house blend then was Honeysuckle from Proud Mary, and my latte was pretty good, suspected slightly higher dosage per serving. Very great experience, love it and will be back.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Location: 20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000. 0700-1700hrs (Mon-Fri) 0800-1600hrs (Sat & Sun)

Love the architechture
Famous market
Market Espresso
My latte
big piece of banana bread!
It was summer and afternoons were HOT!

Market Espresso

Experience: This is permanent pop up located at the front of Queen Victoria Market. They do have some seats and long tables as well to share with others having a cuppa and brekkie there. No joke during summer, but nice during winter. Coffee used here is from Di Bella Roasters, which apparently originated from Sydney. The coffee I felt wasn’t extracted properly, the body didn’t turn out right for me. However, the banana bread is definitely value for money and the staff were super friendly!

Rating: 4/5.

Location: Queen Victoria Market. Daily.

Check out the sandwiches
Looks damn yummy
Big portion as usual

Mercat Cross Hotel

Experience: Just below this budget hotel, there is an open air café located at the beginning of Therry St. I didn’t take down the details of this place as I was with a bunch of friends with kids so was quite chaotic. However that said, they have a good range of sandwiches and the servings are really big. Coffees are mediocre but go for the food is fine.

Rating: 4/5.

Location: Below Mercat Cross Hotel facing Queen Victoria Market.

Production line inside the van!

American Doughnuts

Experience: Another pop up stall in Queen Vic Market which seems to be a permanent fixture. This little ‘van’ stall churns out loads of doughnuts daily at only $5.50 for 5pcs! Each doughnut is stuffed with delicious strawberry jam and served piping hot!

Rating: 4/5.

Location: Queen Victoria Market.

Weekend crowd
Love these mangoes!
Lovely colours!
The market inside
I love breads!!!
My fav bratwurst shop!
Yummy sausages grilling!
I would recommend everything in!
Just to show you how big the bratwurst bun is!
Damn yummy and juicy!

Bratwurst Shop & Co.

Experience: This shop has been here for the longest time providing one of the best bratwurst you can find in Melbourne and perhaps even Australia. All their bratwurst are big and juicy, that you’ll never get sick of eating them! Served with a generous amount of sauerkraut, caramelized onions, cheese and mustard, I just wanna fly there now and indulge!

Rating: 5/5.

Location: Queen Victoria Market stall 99-100.

Boost Juice

Boost Juice Bars

Experience: They are EVERYWHERE! Not too expensive and they have some really delicious fruity/veg recipes for all kinds of reasons/diets/purposes.

Rating: 5/5.


Da Rin
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Fried boneless chicken

Da Rin Korean Fried Chicken

Experience: Located just below my service apartment and always crowded, this restaurant is managed by native Koreans and even the staff are Koreans. The whole restaurant’s ventilation is not that good and reeks of oil. But food wise is not bad, I had the Ginseng Chicken Soup and boneless fried chicken. The Ginseng Chicken Soup is boiled till the bones can also be eaten and the soup was like thickening/jellifying. Really good but the price was a little steep at AUD$30. Rice not included.

Rating: 4/5.

Location: 169 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

I’m gonna leave you with pics I took around town… I love everything about Melbourne; the culture, the street art, the traditional architecture, the sunsets, the weather, and obviously, the FOOD! Enjoy viewing them!

Horse rides available around the city

Curious litte bird

Found this back alley with loads of very good wall art!

This is prolly a landmark wall art haha
Tin Hou Temple! Wonder if any relations to the one in Hong Kong?
China town

Mass going on….
1894… better believe it

Laksa Bar? Laksa shots? Laksa on the Rocks? Laksa Sling? Laksa Martini? (I think I can go on forever…)
China town!
Never knew how these work but if I did, I prolly won’t hurt my foot!
Lovely sun setting behind the cultural centre

30th November
Flinders Street Station

Animated display on the building! X’mas is so special here!