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WICKED The Musical – Mastercard Theatres, Singapore


Last night’s WICKED The Musical was an experience which many describe as an extraordinary. I will not write about the story line here cos it will spoil your night if you’re watching. But I’ll give a general review of it.


Very interesting story line cos wickedness was not present with the casts that I would have thought. There were a lot of discoveries along the way cos I didn’t read about the reviews prior, so it was the right choice. But after the intermission, it was a little draggy and the old man in me started to feel restless. Luckily I didn’t doze off or else whole theatre can hear me snore! Whole musical was 3 hours including intermission of 15 mins! Ended at 11pm thereabouts!


The casts all acted and sang very well even the smaller acts. The main casts obviously were awesome and I was very impressed by their vocal powers! So captivating! Ladies would love the male lead. Voice was smooth and swooning!


Mastercard Theatres has extremely good acoustics and sound projections. BUT, the seats are seriously uncomfortable and not suitable for a long performance like this. It was also pretty warm last evening, temperature control is bad. I was literally feeling hot throughout the show. Ladies, forget about your shawl or cardigans, you’ll appreciate carrying lesser things into the theatre.


Check out http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/wicked1116s?cid=RTB-wicked1116s for show times and prices.
Special thanks to Far East Hospitality and Oasia Hotels for the awesome invitation. Do check out Oasia Hotels at http://www.stayfareast.com. Friends who wanna stay there I can get a better price for you. 😉

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy 😋

Ghost The Musical – MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Ghost, a movie we are all so familiar with in the year 1990, is now a musical production which started in Manchester since the year 2011. I’ve been following them since and finally they have arrived in Singapore! I was so happy when I managed to get a ticket for myself with discounts given for GV movie members.

It was also my first time at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands and I must say the service was tip top. Although I couldn’t snap any shots with my camera as I had to surrender at the counter, I must say I was impress with the smooth flow of the crowd by the ushers and friendly services rendered. A place fit to hold such an international production.

Seating was alright but could be a little more comfy if I were to pay for the full price of $125. Aircondition was good for me, so ladies, you know what to bring. Sound system was amazing, every voice projection was apparent and clear.

Now the musical. Apart from idiots talking when the show was on, I don’t think I should go into details if not it’ll spoil everyone’s mood but overall it is a fantastic production, top class actors and actresses, beautiful soundtracks, excellent props and back screen plays. Not so much of magic, but more of optical illusions. I teared badly in the scenes when Molly started singing ‘With You’ in the first half and when Sam got into the body of the hilarious psychic Oda Mae Brown and danced with Molly in the second half. Well that’s all I can say and I’m still in awe with the train scenes, raining scenes, how the props just slides in and out, etc. Love it! Not to mention the sounds used for every detail like Sam trying to grab a cup, getting punched, Sam’s voice with more echo when he’s talking in the mortal world. And the lights, wow, love it when the pale blue light follows Sam around to show that he’s ghost while the warm lights shine normally on the living. Such details gives the show a tighter finish and an overall satisfying experience.

I just love how this musical triggers some strings in everyone’s hearts when at a certain time in your life, you miss that person so so much. Reminds me of an ex of mine, whom we recently made it clear our relationship and not a day goes by I don’t miss her. (I’m seriously tearing while typing this in the bus on my way home from MBS) I love her and never fail to say it everyday to her. Somehow it’s been too long, and I guess things just couldn’t work out anymore. So if you love someone, tell them you love them, but in my case,  she doesn’t appreciate it and I find it pointless to say it anymore. Sigh…

So go watch this musical with someone you love,  or alone like me. If your tears flow, let it flow. Partners it’s best you keep quiet and watch the musical. The best you can do is standby tissue papers, depending on how much water can flow through those eyes.

But hurry now, the show runs till only 15th Nov 2015. You can book tix online at http://goo.gl/UE7YzC. Use promo code ‘GHOSTGV’ to get 25% discount off your tickets! Lemme know if you liked it by commenting below!

[MEDIA PREVIEW] TOTEM by Cirque Du Soleil


Before the opening show begins tomorrow on the 28th Oct 2015, I was invited to a media sneak preview with my beloved sista Cathryn. Arrived early and registration was under the hot sun which I thought could be better done under the Ticketing Counter? Hmmm…

Anyways, TOTEM was created in 2010 and their first show was in Montreal, Canada and the 112 crew members from 17 countries (inclusive of 46 performers) have been on tour since! TOTEM traces the fascinating journey of the human species from its original amphibian state to its ultimate desire to fly. Somewhere between science and legend, TOTEM is an uplifting array of athleticism, soul-touching theatrics, lavish costume designs and cutting edge digital effects. With acrobatic performances evoking selected scenes from the story of evolution, TOTEM explores the ties that bind Man to other species, his dreams and his infinite potential. The show will be going on for 55 performances all the way to 6th December 2015!

Tickets are available online at http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/totem1215 from $98 to $328 and hope to see you there! Check out the pics below for some highlights which I tried to capture with limited lighting.


  1. Do not bring your cameras. No photography allowed. If you wanna sneak a shot from your mobile phone, REMEMBER TO TURN OFF FLASH!!!
  2. No food from outside. There are typical movie snacks and drinks inside which you can purchase.
  3. Bring more cash or a card if you wanna buy some of TOTEM’s souvenirs and t-shirts.
  4. Ladies, please bring a cardigan. You’ll feel cold with the aircon blasting inside. I felt just nice, so it’s too cold for ladies.
  5. The Big Top is located at the other end of Marina Bay Sands, nearer to the financial centre. You may wanna alight nearer there for cabbing and park nearer there if driving. Those taking MRT, turn left after exiting station control, walk straight all the way, turn left and walk straight all the way till you pass Bread Street Kitchen and exit MBS.
  6. Seats are of normal size, so carry light when going there.
  7. If you can’t control your kids from running around or making noise, please don’t bring them as they might distract the performers and your neighbours.
  8. Sit back and enjoy the show!
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**Photos are all copyright of eatwithroy.com. Any unauthorised use of them will have legal implications.**

Selfie with the Big Top!
A lighted Totem display
Holding area inside the Big Top. No aircon… maybe not turned on for previews? Very stuffy,
Entering the arena for the performance. AIRCON AT LAST….
Love the stage
Media in front, guests at the back
That cage thing where they will be swinging on.
Introduction speech
Starts… The part of the stage opens up to eject the performers.
Suddenly got someone walked pass me, scary leh…
They are very good with the hoops
More hoops
Hoops formed a ball.
Red Indian
Marching in
Wow love the colours!

Love the costumes!
Glutes galore
And up they fly
The flyers
New pattern
Crossing paths
The height they fly
Step up
From the first to the last
Amout of strength just to hold the performer and to land steadily shows how much hard work they put into it.
Nicely ended
Look at the details. Wow.
Group shot!
Cat and me after the preview!