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Another value for money nasi padang store spotted at Roxy Square in an indoor coffeshop. I’m there every month for my haircut and this stall is new. So I tried their food and these are the pics:

Stall front
Big plate of rice with 4 dishes.
Dunno what fish was that but I suspect it was salt water catfish. Pretty good assam pedas.

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Quite good for its price

Portion: Above average

Price: $4.00 only for my plate.

RTE: Yeah I guess so… I go there for my haircut anyways. 🙂

Location: Roxy Square I , Katong(The older building)


Nain Food Stall (#01-07 Sims Place Food Centre)


Funny I have not featured this stall. I’ve been to this Malay mixed rice stall for the longest time and just love the taste of the food here. They are not good in those nice nice food presentation but the taste of the assam pedas over the rice… I tell you, is authentic! Best thing is, it is spicy enough and not overly spicy. Love it. Must have in my nasi padang plate are Assam Stingray, Sambal Goreng (mix of long beans, bean curd and tempeh) and Sambal Dried Mussels.

The stall
Poor presentation but extremely tasty!
Cooked till just right assam pedas stingray... yum yum
Large mug of Bandung for only $1.50 available on the same row at unit #01-11. The good thing about this Bandung is, the water they use to mix this syrup is boiled with pandan leaves and that will leave a fragrance in your mouth with every sip.

Rating: 4/5 (A tad too expensive for some but then again, most Nasi Padang stalls are pretty expensive to begin with. Except the other stall which I featured earlier at Bukit Merah Central.)

Taste: Nice and authentic. I always have the assam pedas gravy over my rice. Some likes the kuah lemak one which is used for lontongs.

Portion: Generous. I asked for more rice and they can really pile up for you.

Price: $4.80 with 4 dishes and extra rice. $1.50 for the big mug of bandung.

RTE: All the time!

Location: #01-07 Sim Place Food Centre.

Mardiah Malay/Indian Food (1003 Bukit Merah Central)


Was at this Technopreneur Centre to visit one of my friend’s office. So we had our lunch there at the canteen beside the building in between 1001 and 1003. Was deciding what to eat then I came across this malay stall with quite a lot of varieties for a industrial place canteen. So I decided to try it little did I notice the aunty sitting in front of the stall is carrying her son whom I suspect has muscle growth deficiency and she had to carry him or put him in the pram all the time.

I felt really sad to see such a state and she had to juggle between tending the stall and her son who lies helplessly in the pram in front of the stall. So before I left, I even take away another 2 packets of lunch for my office.

Nasi Padang of Assam Stingray, stir fried potato strips and sambal goreng (unique curried version) This plate with extra rice is only $3.00… unheard of in the whole of Singapore…
The Stall

Rating: 4/5 (Food was alright. The sambal belachan is really very hot and nice.)

Taste: Overall it’s nice  and very very affordable at only $3.00 for one meat and 2 veg/sides!
Portion: Very good.
Price: $3 only… super cheap!
RTE: If I’m arounnd that area, I will pop by for lunch there. Must support lah…