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Kao Fae Fan Club Restaurant (ข้าวแฝ่ แฟนคลับ ) – Chiang Mai, Mae Hongson, Thailand


We checked out this place for lunch when we were back in Chiang Mai after Pai. This is also a popular place and when we reached the place around 12.30pm, the place was already packed with people. However the waitresses managed to arrange a table for us. The name ข้าวแฝ่ แฟนคลับ, actually has nothing to do with rice. According to my Thai cousin Kittiya, it is actually the traditional name of a type of Thai coffee. The restaurant premise is big, with a separate cafe to the left side, and very nice ambience. Although they have many staffs working there, the service level could really be improved.

Inside restaurant
Selfie with signage
Cafe where you can order cakes/desserts and your beverages
Front part of the cafe
Inside the cafe
Som tam was good but spicy
Side dish of fish balls are pretty good as well.
Khao Soi – Crispy yellow noodles in curry soup. This one is quite good but portions are small and not fully crispy noodles.
This garlic pork rice is really nice.
Iced Thai Milk Tea – Pretty good but waited for ages and asked for no sugar, came fully loaded with it.
Crepe cake – Not nice.
Red Velvet Cake – So so only.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Taste: 4/5. Will the warm dishes are good, the desserts are a let down.

Portion: 3/5. Slight below average.

Service: 2/5. They really need to have more initiative and work together. Seems like everyone is minding their own business. Food preparation is also very very slow.

Ambience: 4/5. A lot of flies despite the garden ambience.

Price: Can’t recall but it was pretty affordable.

RTE: Maybe not as it’s a little out of the way.

Location213 Moo 3, Cassia Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50150. Tel: 053842299, 0894359911.

Pai Lanna Resort & Restaurant – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand


Our last dinner in Pai was on top of a little hill, over looking some padi fields and the sunset. Was fortunate to be able to catch the sunset and after that sat down for an authentic northern Thai food. This restaurant is at the entrance to the Pai Lanna Resort and is very popular due to the great views. Hence if you do not have any reservations, good luck finding a table. Such a highly rated place, I reckon the food should be good? See my reviews below:

Very traditional setting
Longer tables for bigger groups
There’s a sushi counter called the Sushi Hill… Dunno why it was there cos it doesn’t fit in.
Paranomic view of the view
Usually the Thai customers would write their own orders… In our case, we have Thai friends!
Lanna Shake – Overly sweet! Can skip! Order water instead!
Fried fish was good!
Fried fish with basil was pretty good as well!
Grilled pork quite good
Stir fried veg
Tom Yum Goong. Salty.
Broccolli – Pretty good but a little salty.
Green Curry Chicken – Too watery to my standards.
Address & contact details

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: 4/5. Not everything was good, tom yum soup and green curry was a let down.

Portion: 4/5.

Service: 4/5. Not much initiative and they can get really short handed during peak hours.

Ambience: 5/5. They have good views, no doubt about it.

Price: Around 200baht per pax.

RTE: Unlikely. There are a lot more better eating places at Pai Walking Street.

Location: See last pic.

Kruarabeang Pai Thai Food – Pai, Mae Hongson, Thailand


One of the restaurants we went for our dinner in Pai. I believe in the day the place has a terrific view of the mountains and padi fields. During the night, it lacks the attractiveness. Since we were clueless of where to eat in Pai, we gave this place a try.

Very vintage Thai deco
Nothing special, the best is probably the chilli paste in the middle. Without that, the rest are tasteless.
Tom yum soup is not good
Some stir fried pork with kaffir lime leaves… not bad
Stir fried chicken – soso only
Fried omlelette witth minced pork – Can’t go wrong
Stir fried bittergourd leaves – Salty but crunchy.
Opening hours

Rating: 3/5.

Taste:  3/5. Nothing exciting.

Portion: 3/5.

Service: 2/5. Slow, no initiative, slow.

Ambience: 3.5/5.

Price: Around THB$200 per pax.

RTE: Not likely.

Location: N.A.