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My Take On Bulletproof Coffee


One customer came into the coffee bar today and asked if we had Bulletproof Coffee. I said no of course and added that it is not good for her. Then she cockily replied,”It is a healthy drink. I’m a nutritionist, I know.” Then she walked out. I wasn’t pissed but more of concern about people’s ignorance about marketing gimmicks on products out there. 

For those who dunno what Bulletproof Coffee is, you can read all about it here at http://www.bulletproofexec.com. And then after that you can read about how Gizmodo slam it here http://gizmodo.com/bulletproof-coffee-debunking-the-hot-buttered-hype-1681321467, amongst many others links proving how it is more of a hype than anything healthy. 

For my friends from the US and Europe reading this post, traditionally in Singapore as far as the 60s or 70s, we are already putting butter into our coffees… Just that maybe during that periods, margarine was used due to the cost & availability of butter then and also we didn’t have ‘Upgraded Coffee’ or ‘Brain Octane’. Seriously, I’ve never heard of upgrading coffees in my years of understanding coffee. All I know is, coffees are best appreciated and drank on it’s own, without any other substances added to it other than water of course. Adding 2 tablespoons of butter per serving will help you burn fats… Seriously? It may work on some peeps but I know it will definitely not work on me! 

So this is my take. I lost 40 kilograms in 9 months just by eating clean and light exercises. I didn’t go to Tibet and drink some butter yak milk thingy but I did lose that weight from Jan to Sep in 2013 when I was based in Suzhou, China. This picture of me was during my peak at 180kgs.

I have since put on a little weight since I got back from China last May cos I do have a social circle here as compared to China.  But the fact remains that the rebound is not great as compared to losing weight unnaturally. So if you have weight problems and need help, ask me instead, don’t succumb yourself to marketing ploys. I was victim to many before and ended up devicing my own diet formulas. 

Writing this blog post is also a reminder to myself I have another target to meet this year. I need to start working out soon. Any gym kakis who wanna work out together? Buzz me! 

And to that nutritionist, you may know many things about nutrition but still there are many things you might not know… Especially, coffee. 

Gastronomically yours,

Big Roy