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Curry Chicken Noodle – Hougang, Singapore


I discovered this stall while I was in the area in the afternoon to check out Ciél Pâtisserié and expected them to be just a dessert place. So the hungry me (no lunch) instinctively would head to some coffee shops I know to get my local fare fix. I remembered there’s a Muslim coffee shop at this Block 118 but I was shock to discover a new coffee shop, Yummy Growth (it’s on Google Maps) has replaced it, which works for me as well. 

I was scanning through all the stalls and was wondering what to eat for lunch. I was definitely captured by the roast meats stall but the stall with an outstanding 云吞面 caught my eye. The stall uncle was the only one who called out to me and introduced his food to me. Full marks for sales efforts. At first I wanted to order the wanton noodle but he mentioned how good his curry chicken noodle was and even offered me a sample of the gravy before I made my executive lunch decision. Check out the pics below and the short video clip is on my Instagram (http://instagram.com/p/0mlHQyplQP/) for friends who have not followed me yet. 😉

I know right, very messy and trying to sell so many things at once.

For my sampling before I placed my orders
Aerial shot
Up close shot
The rich curry gravy all soaked up in the noodles!

Rating: 4.5/5. 

Taste: Robust, rich and very tasty gravy. Better than Hong Lim’s if you ask me. It’s a recipe that is passed down by the grandparents. Level of spice is just nice, considering the fact it’s in a neighborhood, there should be kids who’d love this. Love the fact they have some bean sprouts inside to make it less gelat. Would be great if they throw in some Choy Sum also to beautify the bowl. Love the curry with mee kia (fine egg noodles) as they would absorb the curry sauce on every mouthful. The chicken is very tender, and you’ll have 3pcs of chicken which makes up a drumstick and a couple of piece of potatoes. Worth your trip there. 

Portion: Maybe size does really matter, my portion of noodles were quite not normal. But I’m not complaining haha. Show the uncle or aunty this blogpost you may get a bigger portion like mine! 🙂

Service: Attentive, warm.

Ambience: Coffee shop… Late afternoon quite dark, they turned on the lights for me to snap pics. 🙂

Price: $4.00

RTE: Yes I prolly would bring mum there! 

Location: Yummy Growth coffeeshop, 118 Hougang Avenue 1. 

Original Simon Road Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee


I was on a Hokkien Mee spree recently and was so glad to have found this old stall which I grew up with. Originally located at the corner coffeeshop along Upper Serangoon Road & Simon Road, my grandma personally even knows the founder of this Hokkien Mee stall who is the grand master of this current stall. He has a nickname of “Half Squat Stand” as he fries the noodles in a charcoal stove slightly elevated from the ground while sitting on a wooden stool and he was half squatting all the time. He only sits down when he’s braising the noodles or tired. 🙂


After handing down the stall to the father of the current stall owner, the business continued to flourish. Not just because of the fact they were using charcoal to fry, but also because of the overall balance it gives to the taste. Not to mention their chilli that goes with your plate of awesomeness.


The stall has since moved to the address below, the current stall at Simon Road was their ex-worker (obviously no franchise/permission)  who apparently lacks the skills to deliver that awesome plate of Fried Hokkien Mee. I tried it on one occasion and it was so bad that I didn’t write about it. But chilli was good, I suspect they got from same supplier.


Anyways if you’re around Hougang Central area (old interchange), go check out this plate of tradition.


The son on far left will be taking over and he’s the 4th generation.


Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Seriously the taste hasn’t changed much from my childhood days minus the charcoal wok hei of course. But I’m a little confused by the use of 2 types of chilli but I reckon they are catering to peeps with different palates.

Portion: Portion is good with loads of squid and prawns below the plate.

Ambience: Traditional coffee shop.

Service: Very good. Approachable.

Price: $5 for my plate.

RTE: Definitely.

Location: 210 Hougang St 21. Opening hours: Tues to Sun, 12pm to 10.30pm.