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I’m KIM Korean BBQ – Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore


Another attempt to write using my iPhone. I’m KIM is a Korean BBQ restaurant opened not too long ago at School Of The Arts (SOTA) just beside Cathay cinema. Conveniently located right in front of the bus stop, this restaurant occupies a couple of units at the ground floor of SOTA. I met an old friend there for dinner one day and was early so I decided to go around taking pics! 😉 The Manageress of the place was very hospitable and she made me feel comfy as soon as I entered. 



Interior… looks empty cos i was super early

The BBQ stove on every table


Dressings & Sauces

Salads, seafood, sausages

Meats… love it when they use good cuts for their mains… check out their Volcano Chicken… those who love spicy food would enjoy that!

Had this starters while waiting for my friend… very filling! but love the Korean fried chicken!

Some more starters and sauce for dips

I’m a sucker for this and super regretted it… the egg was the stomach filler!!! but nice lah! 🙂

The boss instructed the kitchen to fry these cheese coated wings for us to try. Very different and tasty… think they call it ‘smelly wings?’ Cheese lovers would love this!

The grilling process…

Makkoli… best served cold and great with your grills! Less than 5% alcohol!


I was holding as many signs as possible

Photo with one of the bosses, Sulim. (middle)

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Food wise, both raw and cooked, are very nice. In fact, just the cooked buffet spread alone was enough to fill me up! I heard there are even more selection now since I last visited! Time to revisit! 😉

Portion: N.A.

Ambience: Big and spacious. As per all BBQ restaurants, you leave the place smelling like the place. But most importantly, seating is spacious and comfy. Even for Big Roy!

Service: Very good. Service staff are very responsive.

Price: $19.90 promotion for dinner. Check out their FB page for promotions! (Link below)

RTE: Yes!

Location: 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of the Arts. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Im-KIM-Korean-BBQ/678774925505181

Ju Shin Jung 주신정 Korean BBQ Buffet – Guillemard, Singapore


To be honest, I didn’t know about this Korean restaurant and I heard they have 3 outlets already in Singapore. Originated from Korea, I understand they have only just one flagship restaurant there. Nevertheless, they are doing well over in Singapore.

My god brother brought me to this place at Guillemard Road, where the Singapore Badminton Hall is and learnt from the Korean manageress that they moved there from their former place at East Coast. Ju Shin Jung(주신정), if I can remember correctly, means ‘from the heart’, which is what this restaurant chain sets out to do; good service and food from the heart. <3<3<3

This premise has lots of space, and even private rooms for private parties. Staffs are a mix of different nationalities of Koreans, Filipinos, Chinese Nationals, etc., which I believe some are students doing part-time work and the Korean lady boss also helping in the serving of guests. Although a buffet place, they do have ala carte options for those who don’t wanna indulge in loads of BBQ meats and stuff themselves silly. I might try their Ginseng Chicken next time I’m back… need to 补补身体! (rejuvenate in chinese)

View from the road outside, just below G Spa
Restaurant main entrance
Great corner to keep the little ones entertained… or self-entertained… ;P
Main hall with rooms behind
Custom-made table grill tops
Branding wor…
Ok I didn’t know what this was initially until….
You add water and they become your wet towels! Tsk tsk I’m damn sua ku… what to do, always feature cheap and good food mah…
Unlimited bottles of tea and water… plus point for them.
Menu for buffet… I would go for the bibimbab and the beef soups… tofu soup wasn’t that ideal for me.
Unlimited veg and garnishings
Side dishes also unlimited.
Meat lovers galore… Warning… Fresh pork collar and belly are not seasoned… so for those don’t like too plain, order the seasoned ones.
Meats are about 0.8-1cm thick. Don’t cook too long or else tough.
Chicken is good.
Cooling place for your meats haha
Mushrooms should grill upwards and once cooked, there’s some natural mushroom ‘soup’ within, cool it a little before popping into your mouth! Yums!
Bibimbab… Ok taste. chilli paste not enough. Should have asked for more but didn’t.
Spicy tofu soup as part of the buffet choices. Non-refillable. Taste ok only. Go for beef soup.
Heart-shaped watermelon given with the cider after dinner.
After dinner cider for everyone. This one taste really good to wash down all the fats haha.
Many celebrities visited this place before… where’s my photo?!?!
Imported rice wine from Korea… Didn’t try it, not a drinker. 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: 4/5. Meats are ok but the pork belly’s skin is a little tough. Maybe have to grill longer? Tofu soup could improve a little on taste.

Portion: N.A. Buffet…

Service: 5/5. They will always make sure you’re taken care of. But a little short handed.

Ambience: 4/5. Bright and spacious. BBQ place come out sure smell like some smoked meats.

Price: S$35++ for dinner.

RTE: Yes!

Location: 100 Guillemard Rd, Singapore Badminton Hall. Tel: 6440 7707. Reservations recommended.

莎廊坊 – Suzhou, China


A Korean friend invited me for dinner to celebrate his wife’s birthday. This is perhaps one of the best Korean restaurants I have visited in China and I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, not because of the company but also the ambience and the food. According to my friend, he said that this is probably the closest to what they eat in Seoul. Really mesmerized with the cuisine they have to offer and not that expensive also.

Restaurant front
Using real charcoal for BBQ
Love the decor
Quite full at night
Beef Ribs
The veg is free flow… to wrap and eat with the meat. Salads we ordered.
Fried kimchi pancake
Service staff will be BBQing for you
Kimchi soup comes with a bowl of steamed rice
Cold Noodles… This one is damn awesome… The noodles are chewy like what you eat in Korea!
Complimentary dessert

Rating: 4.5/5. Service could be a little better.

Taste: Really good. I would wanna visit again but on diet… maybe after my diet to reward myself!

Portion: Average

Service: Service is not that good ‘cos you have to call them to get things done. Some things have to be automatic like topping up the water when the glass is empty, etc.

Ambience: Very nicely decorated.

Price: I didn’t pay but I believe it’s around RMB500 (SGD$100) for 4 pax.

RTE: Hell yeah!

Location工业园区旺墩路268号圆融时代广场天幕东街11幢1-2楼(华池街口). Tel: 0512-66966277