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佳家汤包 – Shanghai, China


Touted as one of the best 汤包 (soup dumplings) in Shanghai and I’ve been here a couple of times. Good thing is that they make these dumplings on the spot. Prices are cheap too as compared to your Crystal Jades-alike restaurants. Check out some of the samples I’ve tried below:

Shop front
Shop front
Workers preparing the dumplings after you order at the counter on the left.
Crab roe dumplings
Mushroom meat dumplings
Small huntun soup
Duck’s blood soup
Bill and address… Yes they charge for ginger shreds…

Rating: 4.5/5. Not full 5 cos of the ambience.

Taste: Really nice with lots of soup inside every dumpling. Eating there while piping hot is recommended. Although they have frozen ones for you to bring home and steam them yourself. The soups are pretty nice as well but I detect MSG.

Portion: One tray has 12 dumplings.

Service: Average.

Ambience: Location in a shop within a neighbourhood. Not very conducive. But I was there for the dumplings.

Price: All that for RMB56.50… Around S$11.30.

RTE: Yes if I’m in that area!

Location: See the bottom of last pic.