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See the queue…
Getting there…
This is what’s left at 7pm
Wing, Otak and veg, $2.
Sesame oil chicken, veg and egg, $2


My mum has been frequenting this place for the longest time cos she always tapao for me. So because I have a car now, I managed to check out this place finally and witness the amazing queue at this pure hidden gem eatery.


They basically only sell economical rice but the fried chicken wings are their specialty. Each only at $1. I would prefer to have more curry on the rice so maybe you can ask for more curry sauce. Dishes are pretty tasty overall. Opens for lunch and dinner. Usually not much dishes left after 7pm.


Rice with 1 meat and 2 veg/sides only for $2. Yes, 2 freaking dollars!!!




Self-service for dine in or takeaway. Must order fast cos queue behind quite pressurising! 

Waiting Time:

10-20mins depend on the time and type of queue. Lunch time you’ll get construction workers coming to pack like 10-20 packs!!! So you might wait for half an hour. So good luck!




Block 6 Hougang Avenue 3 #01-78.




This is an outlet within my hood which I hardly visit nowadays. But since I was bringing Ron around and we found a lot (so lucky right!), then might as well pop in to check it out. Besides the curry rice, they also have a stall selling pork porridge and another selling simple desserts. See my review below. 


Curry Rice – You cannot fault the dishes as they are prepared freshly daily. Love the flavours of the light curry sauce on the rice but I wished they poured more. 

Pork Porridge – Tried the Pork Porridge too, smooth, light and the ingredients were fresh. The pork inside was very tender!

Cheng Tng – Probably one of the best I’ve tasted. It has the traditional Cantonese ‘Tong Tsui’ (糖水) taste and aroma. Best with ice! I’ll go back for this specially!


My plate of goodness was like $4.70. Very affordable and cheaper than most kali png places. Pork Porridge was $3 and Cheng Tng was $2.20 ($0.20 for packaging)




Self-service for curry rice. Service by pork porridge was ok. Dessert stall service was very good.

Waiting Time:

10-20mins depend on the time.




1018 Upper Serangoon Road

Hours: 6pm to 5am (Daily) Dessert stall close at 1am.

327 Fried Beehoon Nasi Lemak – Hougang, Singapore


Sorry for the lack of posts recently cos it has been madness since I came back from Medan and the mountains in North Sumatra region. It was definitely a rewarding trip as I was experiencing semi-wet processing of coffee beans for the first time and that this method of processing is pretty rare in the Southeast Asian region. Anyways I have loads of food pics to share, I will find a starting point soon.

Anyways this beehoon stall was previously at block 309 of Hougang Avenue 5. They had to move due to the landlord jacking up the rentals so that they can take it back and perhaps rent out to their preferred vendors. Very apparent problem in F&B scene unless of course you’re a brand to reckon with. But I’m actually even more happy to see them at block 327 as I board my buses from the bus stop there haha.

Good thing about this beehoon stall is that their prices are reasonable and at the same time, tastes good. There is another stall at block 322 which has been monopolizing the area for quite a while, even though the taste is really just soso.


Always got queue, even on weekdays!


Choices of maggi mee, beehoon, kway teow mee or nasi lemak.


All the toppings you might wanna add to your base of beehoon or noodles. The tofu on the right is surprising nice and I order that sometimes.


Their top topping is this fried boneless chicken thigh. Well seasoned and crispy when eaten there. Soggy when takeaway.


See how juicy the chicken thighs are… yums


Beehoon with kway teow mee, with veg, luncheong meat, fried chicken thighs and egg. Total $4.80.


Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: As mentioned, the food is really good, well seasoned for the meats, only thing to pick on is the sambal chilli. Can be a little less liquid.

Portion: Normal portions are big. I ask for extra beehoon sometimes.

Service: Self-service. Lady over the counter serves while the hubby cooks behind. Service is good.

Ambience: Hot… Coffeeshop.

Price: Reasonble

RTE: All the time!

Address: 327 Hougang Avenue 5 Coffeeshop. Hours: 7-10.30am.

OTWAT: Which means Other Things Worth A Try. I would recommend the Claypot Chicken Rice which is cooked from scratch, vegetarian beehoon (a little pricey), laksa, and Tse char are not bad too.

瑞記手工包点 – Hougang, Singapore


I’m starting to write about hardworking hawkers with good food offerings around my neighbourhood. So those living around Hougang area, you’ll probably wanna bookmark these blog posts. 😝

This handmade pau shop does pretty delicate paus all handmade from scratch daily from 5am and they’ll sell till around 5pm. I can imagine the hardwork making these daily, well it’s something I may not be able to do for years and a job that requires helluva passion. Check out the pics below:


Stall frontage


My paus


Siew Mai


Big Pau fillings


Char Siew fillings

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Love it when they use pretty lean meat in the paus and taste was pretty good and juicy inside. Siew mai was good but they added carrots which I didn’t like. I’m ok with Chinese mushrooms but carrot makes it taste on the sweet side.

Portion: A little smaller than usual but fillings were good portioning.

Service: Pretty good, better than the kopi lady anytime!

Ambience: Coffee shop

Price: Cheaper than most places. Big Pau $1.30, Char Siew Pau $0.70, Siew Mai $0.50.
RTE: Yes

Location: 309 Hougang Avenue 5 Coffee shop.

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak (1978) – Hougang, Singapore


Not to be confused with any outlets at Chai Chee, this stall is located at Hougang and originates all the way back to 1978. I’ve grew up with this ever since I moved to Hougang in 1986. Currently managed by 2 brothers, whom I believe is the 3rd generation.

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak not only specializes in Nasi Lemak as the name suggests, but also very good Nasi Padang dishes and classic Mee Rebus, Mee Siam and Lontong. I just love how they retain the authentic taste over the decades although it’s tough to retain the price. ;P Anyways it’s about blardy time I wrote about them and their commitment to good traditional food!

Stall front

Dishes at 8am… yes they run out pretty fast!

The 2 brothers… guess which one is the older one? 😉

One of my favorites, Mee Goreng, with sides of your choice. Right about of spice, awesome taste!

Another of my favorites, Nasi Lemak. I love my nasi lemaks with these fried fish which were fried till so crispy, you can literally consume everything. Yums to the max!

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Malay cuisine over decades, can’t go wrong. The queue will affirm that.

Portion: Average

Service: Self-service.

Ambience: Coffee shop

Price: Reasonable

RTE: Always!

Location: Block 322 Hougang Avenue 5. Hours: 5am to 1pm, while stocks last.

6th Sep 2021 moved to following address:

Chai Chee Nasi Lemak
8789 1589

Curry Chicken Noodle – Hougang, Singapore


I discovered this stall while I was in the area in the afternoon to check out Ciél Pâtisserié and expected them to be just a dessert place. So the hungry me (no lunch) instinctively would head to some coffee shops I know to get my local fare fix. I remembered there’s a Muslim coffee shop at this Block 118 but I was shock to discover a new coffee shop, Yummy Growth (it’s on Google Maps) has replaced it, which works for me as well. 

I was scanning through all the stalls and was wondering what to eat for lunch. I was definitely captured by the roast meats stall but the stall with an outstanding 云吞面 caught my eye. The stall uncle was the only one who called out to me and introduced his food to me. Full marks for sales efforts. At first I wanted to order the wanton noodle but he mentioned how good his curry chicken noodle was and even offered me a sample of the gravy before I made my executive lunch decision. Check out the pics below and the short video clip is on my Instagram (http://instagram.com/p/0mlHQyplQP/) for friends who have not followed me yet. 😉

I know right, very messy and trying to sell so many things at once.

For my sampling before I placed my orders
Aerial shot
Up close shot
The rich curry gravy all soaked up in the noodles!

Rating: 4.5/5. 

Taste: Robust, rich and very tasty gravy. Better than Hong Lim’s if you ask me. It’s a recipe that is passed down by the grandparents. Level of spice is just nice, considering the fact it’s in a neighborhood, there should be kids who’d love this. Love the fact they have some bean sprouts inside to make it less gelat. Would be great if they throw in some Choy Sum also to beautify the bowl. Love the curry with mee kia (fine egg noodles) as they would absorb the curry sauce on every mouthful. The chicken is very tender, and you’ll have 3pcs of chicken which makes up a drumstick and a couple of piece of potatoes. Worth your trip there. 

Portion: Maybe size does really matter, my portion of noodles were quite not normal. But I’m not complaining haha. Show the uncle or aunty this blogpost you may get a bigger portion like mine! 🙂

Service: Attentive, warm.

Ambience: Coffee shop… Late afternoon quite dark, they turned on the lights for me to snap pics. 🙂

Price: $4.00

RTE: Yes I prolly would bring mum there! 

Location: Yummy Growth coffeeshop, 118 Hougang Avenue 1.