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小肥羊 @ Shenzhen, China


This is one of the many chains of steamboat in China which is very popular but affordable at the same time. Tried it sometime late last year and it was really good. Didn’t snap pics of simple stuff like potatoes and radishes. Think you can figure it out. ;P Check it out.

Very nice ambience inside although the surrounding outside is an industrial area.
Thermo stove
Ordered clear broth but it will come with loads of condiments inside... the broth is excellent!
They are famous for their lamb...
And beef as well...
Di Wang Veg... very nice crisp and great for steamboats.
Other veg and fungus
Mongolian Pan Cakes
With mutton fillings
Lamb skewers... can skip... not very nice
Golden Big Biscuit... Looks plain but surprisingly very nice!
Bill.. About SGD$30+

Rating: 5/5. Service is not bad and food is good.

Taste: Really tasty!

Portion: Average.

Price: See last pic.

RTE: Most likely… when I have company. you can’t do streamboat alone! 🙂

Location: 福田区八卦一路工业区. Tell the cab driver Xiao Fei Yang, they will know what to look out for.


Golden Chopsticks Steamboat Restaurant @ Tan Quee Lan Street


When we talk about steamboat, many will talk about the influx of steamboat shops that is crowding out Liang Seah St/Beach Rd/Tan Quee Lan St area. So you will be wondering which one is good? I’ve checked out a few before, 2 of which always advertise on TV… found out that they are not as good as what they claimed to be… especially the one that we have to pay for the soup stock per pax and the other one which claims to have not MSG in their soups… all bullshit and many hidden costs.

So I was checking out this place called Golden Chopsticks along Tan Quee Lan St with some music mates… or rather those who actually bothered to meet up or reply an invitation sent weeks before. I called up for reservations and realised that the place on Sat is really crowded and hot. Literally hot too… be prepared to sweat like mad when you are there. But overall, the food was alright for the price they stated on their website (http://www.goldenchopsticks.com.sg) with no hidden costs or +++. Free flow desserts, ice-cream and drinks. Best of all, they have skewered BBQ stuff which you find in China free flow too! Check out their website to see the stuff they offer… don’t expect the lady in pink on the home page to be there… I didn’t see her there… ;P

Soup bases here are all pretty good. MSG confirm have but very minimal.
A La Carte Order of Freshly Cut Beef
A La Carte order of lamb slices... not so nice though...
BBQ Items
Scallops are frozen ones but quite alright
And many more selection...

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Most important is the soup base. It’s quite nice for all the different kinds of base.

Portion: Buffet

Price: $19.80 nett per pax on weekends

RTE: Maybe when I’m back in Singapore. Now in Shenzhen, there’s a super power ma la hot pot chain of restaurants… will feature it when I go visit them.

Location: http://www.goldenchopsticks.com.sg


Louisiana Western @ NTU Canteen 14


Finally!!! I had the chance to visit this famous canteen located in our Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU). One of the pretty famous stall among the students is this Louisiana Western stall. So without wasting time, I got hold of a friend to bring me there as she is working there. Hence once we reached that place, we placed our orders immediately. 🙂

Ah ha! There it is! Heard the Jap food stall beside it is also pretty good.
They give you number and when you see your number appear of the wall, your food is ready!
Mixed Grill Hot Plate... The best of everything. Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Pork. Comes with a baked potato, sunny side up, baked beans and garlic bread! All for $6.50 only!
Covered with thick sauce which is not too salty... nice!
Friend's order of Grilled Fish. $4.30 only!
Very nice and flaky fish with no fishy smell and crunchy minced garlic toppings. Nice!!!

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Very nice and a lot better than most western food stalls that I have came across.

Portion: Very good for the prices we paid.

Price: $6.50 for my mixed grill hot plate (most expensive already) and $4.30 for the Grilled Fish

RTE: If I’m in the NTU vicinity, I will definitely return to eat!

Location: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=34+Nanyang+Crescent&sll=1.353102,103.683257&sspn=0.00724,0.009602&ie=UTF8&ll=1.352459,103.682613&spn=0.00724,0.009602&z=17&iwloc=A