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Wefie with Masterchef Chan Hon Meng

>>> Video of the long queue <<<


You know I’m not someone who chases fad and visits latest happening places. I’ll prolly go such places after the Hoo-ha dies down. But I was craving for some good Soy Sauce Chicken, given the fact that these were readily available for me when I was based in Guangdong, China. So with some crazy ass foodie friends, we went to check out this recently awarded Michelin 1 Star hawker. Good thing my friends were patient enough to queue from 9.30am when the stall opens only at 11am! So here’s our verdict.


You know most places the soy sauce chicken is either too lightly braised or bland. This one has the right tones, lovely texture, tender and well cooked throughout. Salt level is just right too. Love it. The ribs and char siew are to die for too! As for the base, we all agreed the hor fun is really good, followed by the rice. Really yummy.


From $2 for a plate of Soy Sauce Chicken Rice… For Michelin Star… Where to find? One whole chicken only $14! No wonder the queue so long lah! Actually even before the awards, this stall already have to queue more than half an hour already.


Above average.


They tried to take orders before opening at 11am. Very thoughtful.

Waiting Time:

60-120 mins.




Blk 335 Smith Street, #02-126 Chinatown Food Complex, Singapore 050335


10:30am to 7:00pm (Mon – Fri), 8:30am to 7:00pm (Sat – Sun), Closed on Wed.

Lou Wong Beansprout Chicken (老黄芽菜鸡) @ Ipoh, Malaysia


Ok this is the follow up from the previous blog. Had this with my friends in CGG and hence the portion had to be big. Lou Wong don’t open for lunch and commence business from like 5pm till the wee hours in the morning. So we went there on our last 2nd night there for our dinner. Everyone loved it. Check out the pics:

Located at a very nice corner wih ample parking space.
Smooth and tender chicken
The fat and juicy bean sprouts!
Fish and meat balls... quite different from Onn Kee's...
'Cos the fishball is flat! Very nice and springy!
Dry Ipoh Hor Fun... I tell you, this one is so good I had 2 bowls and would have taken the 3rd bowl if not for limited stomach space! It's a lot more springy than Onn Kee's... maybe different supplier or cooking method.

Rating: 5/5. Service is better than Onn Kee’s.

Taste: The chicken is tastier and hor fun is of better eating sensation than Onn Kee’s. The texture makes a lot of difference. Well I guess 50 years of tradtion speaks for itself!

Portion: Average.

Price: RM$120 for 11 persons and portion x 2 from the pics above.

RTE: Hell yeah!!! I may make Ipoh my annual food retreat and organise groups of friends to go up together and to also pay a visit to the homes we have visited before as well. 🙂

Location: Same thing, everyone knows. Just ask!


Onn Kee Beansprout Chicken (安记芽菜鸡) @ Ipoh, Malaysia


In this next 2 blogs, I will be doing a comparison between the 2 long time rivals, Onn Kee and Lou Wong, for their famous Beansprout Chicken in Ipoh. To be honest, both sides have their own fans and equally crowded. Onn Kee has 2 stalls; one beside Lou Wong and the other diagonally opposite Lou Wong. Seems like they are bent on combing Lou Wong and hopefully capture a bigger pie of the market. So here are my findings for Onn Kee.

The older shop beside Lou Wong is opened when I was there.
The famous chicken
Beansprouts are served separately
See the fat beansprouts of Ipoh. The water in Ipoh is said to be of spring water that could have enhanced the growth of these beansprouts.
Ipoh Hor Fun... Unlike what we eat in SG, Ipoh Hor Fun is actually referring to the hor fun that is made in Ipoh. It's extra smooth and 'Q' to every bite. You can't get this anywhere else... maybe it's because of the water again?
Some fish and meat ball soup... Not too bad.
Wash it down with a glass of sour plum drink. Nice...

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Very nice ‘cos tried it for the first time. Tasty!

Portion: Average

Price: The meal for 2 came up to about RM$35+

RTE: Yeah but I think I prefer Lou Wong’s… see my next blog post.

Location: Just tell the cab driver. Everyone knows. Ipoh town is very small place.