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新口岸葡国餐(Porto Exterior) @ Macau City, Macau


There’s so much good food in Macau that I had to write almost every meal I ate… Sigh… But it’s good to share with friends who are clueless about where to eat lah. Was my last night in Macau, so took the chance to walk around the hotel area and at the same, look  for real Portuguese food to fulfill one of my agendas in my food list. I remembered my friend brought me to one which is really small but very home-feel. Food was good but it wasn’t that affordable.

So I ventured around on my own, came across a few Portuguese restaurants, but didn’t enter. Almost succumbed to 鼎泰丰 when I was approaching Rio Hotel, but I decided to ask the girls at the money exchange opposite Rio Hotel instead. They told me there’s one pretty good one just behind where they are. So I walked to the back, which was under a lot of renovation, and very surprise to find that amidst all that major renovation, the restaurants are still operational. Found the restaurant, went in and was warmly welcomed by the lady manageress.

Rio Hotel with casino below. The restaurant is opposite this hotel, right in the middle of the low shop houses.
They have signages at every side...
Was there around 9+ on a weekday, hence not many people.
The old man on the far right is the boss.
Buns baked in house
Took a pint of beer to go with my food. HK$32 only. About S$5.
Roast Chicken Salad... The chicken is not nice. Can skip. HKD$36.
Special sauce made in-house to go with the salad. Tasted like a mixture of Thousand Island with Miracle Whip. ;P
Braised Ox Tail. This dish is awesome... Wished I had some baguette to go along... next time I bring my own... ;P HKD$66
Beef Tripe Tomato Soup. Very nice puree made from fresh tomatoes. HKD$56
Total bill for a meal for 2 normal persons. HKD$209 is about SGD$34.
Address, opening hours and website of the location.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Portuguese food in Macau has a little Asian flare in them. The ox tail is a little salty though… but is ok when go with rice or bread. Will check out the other items next time I’m there.

Portion: Above average.

Price: HKD$209 for all.

RTE: Yeah!

Location: See last pic. Get to opposite Rio Hotel and you will see it.


明记牛杂美食 @ Macau City,Macau


It is pretty difficult to tell you the location of this current place. It’s a push cart stall and located at the end of 手信街 in Macau City. Maybe when you are there, just ask around and people will direct you there. Not a very big place to start with. But be prepared to queue…

The stall... check out the queue...
Only the couple at the stall and super busy
Got newspaper clipping some more... haha
Located directly opposite of this old pawn shop which became a museum... very near senado square.
All ta pao... the taste is awesome. All the different parts of the cow inside... I also don't wanna ask, just eat.

Rating: 5/5.

Taste: Very hard to describe. You’ll know the sauce has been boiling over the years to have this very strong and full flavour. Try to know.

Portion: Average.

Price: Didn’t pay for it but I reckon it’s very affordable.

RTE: Depends on who I’m with… Some people don’t eat beef and some of those who eat, eats only the meat. Lungs, heart, tongue, liver, etc… may not be everyone’s favourite.

Location: Get on 手信街(Souvenir Street) in Macau City, and ask around for 明记牛杂(Ming Kee Beef Parts.) 😉