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新港鱼蛋王 Revisit – Yuen Long, Hong Kong


Yeah I’m gonna write a series of good food in Yuen Long again. This shop has been there for decades and it’s located right in the middle of the whole Yuen Long town. Of course they are great for their balls especially fish, beef and cuttlefish balls. I have never tried their beef brisket though, hence I decided to try that this time. Check out my previous post 4 years ago http://wp.me/pCcuC-hB.

Overall Rating: 5/5. They are still offering prices around HKD$28 range and the freshness of the food here is amazing. Beef brisket melts in your mouth and very chunky! Writing this makes me wanna go back there soon! Awesome small air-conditioned place!

Location: 又新街10号地下. Tel: 2443 1266

開心小敘 – Yuen Long, Hong Kong


This is a little shop located in the heartlands of Yuen Long in Hong Kong and not known to tourists obviously. More known to the neighbourhood only, this place is always packed with customers from noon till 3-4pm and dinner as well. See my video and review below!

Overall Rating: 5/5. Good price at HK$33 for the rice with the double eggs. Love the curry, at least it’s not sweet, and good curry taste. Pork chops are juicy and good portioning. Their portioning used to be a lot bigger, but this is still quite substantial for a normal person. They are famous for their soy sauce gravy also instead of curry. You can check them out!

Location: 香港元朗鳳攸南街3號好順景大廈地下43號舖. Tel: +852 2473 4433

ABC Kitchen – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


When I was told about this place 3 things ran across my mind:

  1. Got so nice meh?
  2. Damn, it’s blardy far!
  3. ABC… hmmm…

But, for goodness food’s sake, I decided to check the place out with my HK friends. Found out the 2 chef owners were from M At the Fridge started this place about 4 years ago and are famous for their Roast Suckling Pig. ABC Kitchen actually means A Better Cooking Kitchen… dunno what gave them the idea but it’s easy to remember I guess?

When we arrived at the quiet neighbourhood of Sheung Wan district, I was looking around for a restaurant that shouts ‘ABC Kitchen’ but there wasn’t… Then my friend led me up an escalator…

Entrance to the food market
Inside the food market

When I entered the food market, I was thinking, “Wah really like our hawker centres in Singapore…” except that it was airconditioned. That was the best factor that took my mind off the food market ambience. 🙂 But then again, it wasn’t that bad, except that it was a little crampy. ABC has 2 stalls there. One stall is basically to store their wine and supplies while the other one is their kitchen and serving counter.

This is where the small kitchen is, inside the stall…
Where they store their wine and supplies

In this food market, it is territorial. If you’re there for ABC, then can only sit at tables with the red checkered table clothed tables. Other stalls are also opened so when you enter the food market, head straight to the stall of your choice and tell them you have reservations. After we sat down, we were served by a guy who spoke pretty good English and showed us a simple menu. Simple it seems but from the looks of it, there are a lot of preparation for most of the food on it.


We quickly placed our orders as we were famish and there came our serving of herb buns with french butter. The buns were piping hot and fluffy and great with the butter.

Herb buns – On the house

Soon after came the salad we ordered. We decided to try something different which was the Pear, Blue Cheese and Caramelized Walnuts Salad (what a mouthful to order it!) and it was really nice. The combination of the pear, the pungency from the blue cheese and the sweetness from the walnuts together with olive oil and vinegar made this salad a real good appetizer!

Pear, Blue Cheese & Caramelized Walnuts Salad – HK$88

We order the Blue Mussels in White Wine Sauce as well and I can’t describe how amazing the sauce was. It was so tantalising and so tasty that I could have bought a baguette and dip in the sauce for dinner! Just so awesome!

Blue Mussel In White Wine Sauce – HK$128

After waiting for around 20-30 minutes, our Roast Suckling Pig finally came. The long wait is because of limited facilities in the small kitchen and many orders that night we were there. Anyways, we tucked in and tried the dish. Knife into the skin and it cracks, into the meat, you know it’s cooked to perfection. The taste in your mouth, crispy skin and melting meat, heavenly! Coupled with sugar blanched beets and mashed potato… I have just erased all the fuss on the long journey and crampy seating, and telling you guys here that this dish is a MUST-ORDER!

Roast Suckling Pig – HK$168
Succulent & juicy!

After that excellent entree, one of our desserts came. This Raspberry Mille Feuille is actually crispy instead of the usual puff pastry. The custard in between the pastry layers are to die for! I believe it is damn fattening but who cares, we’re sharing! 🙂

Raspberry Mille Feuille – HK$48

The Chocolate Souffle took a very long time to serve and I believe we waited more than 30 mins after our dessert above. Their oven inside must be awfully small. Time to move to a bigger place perhaps? Anyways, I find the souffle is okay only. Nothing to shout about. It’s spongy and soft like it is suppose to, but don’t have the ooomph for me.

Chocolate Souffle – HK$48

Anyways it was an awesome meal, not very cheap but it was good. Definitely worth the try at least once. Address and contacts below or you can check out their website at http://www.abckitchen.com.hk. Reservations are a must!

Address & contacts

華龍咖啡屋餅店 Hualong Bakery Cafe – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Chanced upon this little traditional HK bakery cafe while I was nearby to shop for some guitar picks. What drew me to this place is the display of yummilicious buns that were shouting to my friend and me to get in and indulge! And that’s what we did. Haha… The place I tell you, is really very small. So small that I really give all the credits to the person who laid out the tables and chairs to sit around 36 pax! Kudos to him/her! Anyways, check out the pics below:

Cafe front
Size of shop…
Check out the layout…
See how I squeeze…
Hot Yuen Yang (milk coffee with tea)
Freshly baked polo buns with a slab of butter! Really fluffy and fragrant! Love it when you sink your teeth into the softness… melts in your mouth!
Display of all the traditional pastries and buns!

Rating: 4/5.

Taste: 4/5. Buns were excellent. Beverage is normal. But seems like a lot of people were there having noodle soup and luncheon meat egg sandwiches. Typical staples in HK. We couldn’t try cos we had lunch!

Portion: Average

Service: 5/5. Unlike most of the other Cha Can Ting (HK Cafes), the waiting staff here are nice and friendly! Maybe they like big cute guys hahahaha ;P

Ambience: 3/5. This one no choice have to give mid rating. Very crampy and ventilation not good if they do frying inside the kitchen. BUT, they have aircon so add 1 hence 4/5!

Price: If I remember the set of bun and beverage is around HK28. Not expensive in the middle of TST!

RTE: If I’m in the area!

Location: 尖沙咀金馬倫里7-7A Tsim Sha Tsui Cameron Road 7-7A. Tel: 2723-6217. Operating Hours: 0700-2200hrs daily.


Fu Tung Chinese Market – Tung Chung, Hong Kong


To be honest, if I wasn’t exhibiting at the Asia Expo in HK, I wouldn’t know this place exist. And if I wasn’t staying at Marriot beside the exhibition venue, I wouldn’t have taken the free shuttle to this place also! Tung Chung is like the last town in the New Territories of Hong Kong before reaching the airport. Hence it’s a town far away from the city, although linked by the metro and buses. However, this little town has everything and the mall there is where all the factory outlets are located. Shoppers will go crazy but not for me… I only look for food haha…

So on the first nights, I was looking for something local with my friend and we came across a market… Not a very wet market if you know what I mean but the fact is, it is airconditioned! (Perfect for me! ;P) And the food there looks so good that we decided to try. See the pics and descriptions below:

Main entrance to the market
Rather clean for a market… on the right is the stall selling Cheong fun, curry fishballs, braised wings, etc. Quite good also.
On the left is the korean stall
Roast meats stall, totally spoilt for choice on roast meats offered!
东大门韩国食品 (Dong Dae Moon Korean food stall). Native Korean couple there… wife cooks and hubby take charge of drinks.
Cheong Fun with Siew Mai & Curry Fishballs
Roast meats
Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi soup
Side dishes from the korean stall

Rating: 4.5/5. Value for money, taste good.

Taste: The snacks stall has a lot of interesting 小吃, roast meats are awesome and not fatty, Korean stall food is also nice and they have loads of pics of celebrities visited their stall.

Portion: Average

Service: Nice and friendly stall owners. Especially the Korean stall’s uncle… made sure we were seated comfortably and have a stool to put our stuffs. Very nice!

Ambience: Errr… what ambience?

Price: Affordable… much cheaper than 翠華 upstairs!

RTE: If I’m back in Tung Chung, I will definitely eat there again!

Location: G/F Fu Tung Chinese Market, Tung Chung, Fu Tong Shopping Center. Closes at 8pm… Be early or go there for lunch!