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新口岸葡国餐(Porto Exterior) @ Macau City, Macau


There’s so much good food in Macau that I had to write almost every meal I ate… Sigh… But it’s good to share with friends who are clueless about where to eat lah. Was my last night in Macau, so took the chance to walk around the hotel area and at the same, look  for real Portuguese food to fulfill one of my agendas in my food list. I remembered my friend brought me to one which is really small but very home-feel. Food was good but it wasn’t that affordable.

So I ventured around on my own, came across a few Portuguese restaurants, but didn’t enter. Almost succumbed to 鼎泰丰 when I was approaching Rio Hotel, but I decided to ask the girls at the money exchange opposite Rio Hotel instead. They told me there’s one pretty good one just behind where they are. So I walked to the back, which was under a lot of renovation, and very surprise to find that amidst all that major renovation, the restaurants are still operational. Found the restaurant, went in and was warmly welcomed by the lady manageress.

Rio Hotel with casino below. The restaurant is opposite this hotel, right in the middle of the low shop houses.
They have signages at every side...
Was there around 9+ on a weekday, hence not many people.
The old man on the far right is the boss.
Buns baked in house
Took a pint of beer to go with my food. HK$32 only. About S$5.
Roast Chicken Salad... The chicken is not nice. Can skip. HKD$36.
Special sauce made in-house to go with the salad. Tasted like a mixture of Thousand Island with Miracle Whip. ;P
Braised Ox Tail. This dish is awesome... Wished I had some baguette to go along... next time I bring my own... ;P HKD$66
Beef Tripe Tomato Soup. Very nice puree made from fresh tomatoes. HKD$56
Total bill for a meal for 2 normal persons. HKD$209 is about SGD$34.
Address, opening hours and website of the location.

Rating: 4.5/5.

Taste: Portuguese food in Macau has a little Asian flare in them. The ox tail is a little salty though… but is ok when go with rice or bread. Will check out the other items next time I’m there.

Portion: Above average.

Price: HKD$209 for all.

RTE: Yeah!

Location: See last pic. Get to opposite Rio Hotel and you will see it.


MGM Patisserie @ Macau City, Macau


Ok some of you might be wondering why I’m writing about such a famous and grand place in my affordable foodblog. Well for the same reason, affordability lor. Reason is I do not want any of my readers here miss out a very nice hi-tea set they are serving at a very affordable price for 2. So if you’re walking around checking out the nice decorate City Of Dreams, you may wann take a break at this very nice and chill out Patisserie at MGM Grand.

The place... love the ambience.
A wide variety of pastries and buns
And lovely cakes! Price range is about HKD$30-$40+... A little bit on the pricey side but looking at the deco on the cakes, you know a lot of effort has gone into it.
Sweets for the kids...
This is the hi-tea set I was talking about... 3-tiers of assorted savoury and sweet pastries, cakes and sandwiches.
Lower tier
Middle tier
Upper tier

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Awesome… MGM Grand leh.

Portion: Above average.

Price: If I can remember clearly it’s HKD$169 per set and comes with 2 coffees. In fact you can share this with more people. But with me around, maximum 2! ;P

RTE: Yes!

Location: MGM Grand. Walk into the lobby from the car porch, turn left and walk through all the exhibits of the lovely artistic Chihuly vases, you’ll see it on your right.


陈光记烧味饭店 @ Macau City, Macau


Was in Macau last Dec for a visit and my HK friend highly recommended this place for roast meats. Which sets me thinking… Roast meats… HKger recommend… It must be blardy good right that even a HKger rave about that place?!?! So soon after we checked into our hotel, we headed to the place which is just opposite Macau Square Mall and just opposite the famous Margaret’s Cafe for Portuguese Egg Tarts which I will be writing later after this entry. So we took a cab and all you have to do is tell the cab driver “陈光记” (Pronounced as Chan Kwong Gay), everyone knows where it is because this place is super famous with the locals with loads of history behind it and at the same time, Macau is such a small country.

The Shop... Think they do deliveries if you stay around the vicinity.
Fwah!!! They were getting ready for dinner crowd... we were there around 4pm.
Shop ambience... very traditional but with aircon... didn't check the toilet... so maybe some of you may wanna comment after checking it out? ;P
Price List... The goose is pretty expensive... The duck is good enough though. HKD is WIDELY accepted in Macau. No need to change to Macau Dollars.
We ordered the duck and chicken. Quite good combination. The duck has a very nice roasted taste... quite different from the roasted ducks we eat in HK, China or SG. Very tasty I must say.
Check out the oil dressing they use... It's actually the oil from the duck with loads of spices and pepper. Then they drown the roasted duck with it before serving. Is this what they mean by drowning the duck in its own sauce? ;P
Char siew... can skip... too hard for my liking.
Located on this road... It's a very short side road, so go locate it. 😉

Rating: 4.5/5. Would be a 5 if not for the price. It’s quite pricey actually but if it’s good, then it’s worth a try!

Taste: Very nice and you gotta try it to know.

Portion: Below average. (That’s why I said pricey)

Price: Meal with drinks came up to about HKD$100.

RTE: Yes, on my next trip!

Location: Opposite Macau Square, on Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo Road.